Let's put the human factor back into business.

Because when we get people right, we get business right

If you’re looking for training as a one-off, tick-box exercise, I’m not the right consultant for you.

Designed to drive meaningful change in your business, my services offer bespoke support delivered in creative & practical ways to suit your team and your company’s specific challenges.

So, forget traditional exercises… you may get to walk outside or build lego instead!

However we work together, It will be interactive and focused around moving your business forward and bringing your team with you.

Sound good? Here are some of my services:

Full or part day training workshops tailored to your business

Consultative coaching with leadership teams or individual employees

Problem-solving sessions to boost peer-accountability and support

Gain insight into current employee engagement and how to improve it

Lisa LLoyd

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I founded It’s Time for Change based on the belief that if we all started to do things a little bit differently, we’d achieve huge results.

Working as a psychologist & psychotherapist, I originally focused on emotional development and mental health. I soon recognised the importance of taking a holistic approach to workplace culture  — not only for an individual’s wellbeing but for the commercial success of the business: When we get people right, we get business right.

It’s Time for Change is now dedicated to working collaboratively with business leaders to create workplace cultures where employees excel, where teams are dynamic and where people are happy.

Lisa Lloyd

Beyond the water cooler podcast.

Get a little taste for these meaningful discussions

How I can help.


Helping your team manage stress, build resilience & mindfulness and learn brain-smart strategies to stay in control of work demands


Engaging workplaces with shared values enable everyone to excel & reduces costs associated with absence, recruitment & presenteeism

Mental Health

Build your leadership team's confidence in knowing how to help people with needs and get it right for everyone


Giving your leadership team the tools, know-how and confidence to engage and manage their teams to get the best return


Developing emotional intelligence to improve self-awareness and relationships between team members, management and external partners

Positive Change

Getting the emotional journey right to keep your team engaged, happy and present at work — ready to face the changes ahead

Your journey to change.

Companies who invest in leadership and wellbeing as a holistic process are the ones who achieve the best results.

When we partner on a journey, I’ll provide bespoke support delivered in creative, practical ways to suit your team and your company’s specific challenges.

It will be interactive, and you’ll get opportunities to apply what you learn to your work so that it’s real and meaningful.

You’ll also get to follow up with me so that I can help you apply what you take from my support and overcome any hurdles.

Ready for Change?

Here's a typical journey with me:


This is a cost and obligation-free meeting which gives you the chance to get a feel for me and my approach and see if we click. I’ll ask you to tell me more about your organisation and what you’re hoping to achieve.


Investment: No charge


For companies who aren’t 100% clear on what services are best suited to achieve your business goals, the discovery stage is an opportunity for me to spend time using a combination of observation, interviews, questionnaires and other measures to find out what’s really really going on in your workplace, identify areas of strength and weakness, and develop a bespoke plan to move your business forward.


Investment: From £750


When we’re both clear on the outcomes we’re working to attain and specific areas for development, I’ll work closely with your team to implement your company’s development plan.


This will usually be through one, or a combination of my services — each customised to your business’ unique needs.

Change that sticks

When we partner together, I want the work we do to result in real, meaningful change that “sticks”.


With all projects, I’ll always be at the end of the phone or email and available for you to reach out if you come across any unexpected hurdles.


We’ll also plan evaluation meetings where we can reflect on progress towards your goals and if needed, identify any areas for further support.

Hear me speak.

From webinars to podcast appearances...

Join the club.

An easy way to keep in the loop

I would love to keep you posted on my downloadable resources as they become available, about events where you can hear me speak, and updates with all things company culture, employee engagement and mental well-being.

John Hibbs
Co-Founder | Coefficient

The advice provided on by Lisa LLoyd at It's Time for Change to build resilience is practical and actionable, encompassing diverse areas of personal development. It's important to apply skills in a manner that best fits one's unique circumstances so consider professional guidance for tailored advice…by working with someone brilliant like… Lisa LLoyd.

Anon Participant
Anonymous Survey Feedback from Training

"Amazing delivery - fantastic explanations. Engaging and thoughtful. Two hours flew by! I could listen to this lady all day - she is amazing!"

Emma Capone ACIPD
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

"I organised the session with Lisa for my group of Government apprentices and the session was wonderful - I enjoyed it a great deal and have had fantastic feedback from those that joined . I would definitely recommend to others and I will certainly do so at my cross-government meetings & group events. Lisa's approach was friendly yet informative, and gave attendees the opportunity to feel comfortable to voice opinions. Even after having attended lots of well-being and mental health workshops, one apprentice felt that Lisa described key topics differently, that really resonated with them."

Marcus Taylor
Founder and CEO

"Lisa spoke at Venture Harbour's Winter Retreat and was one of the team's favourite sessions. Being a team of skeptical "engineering types" I have to admit I wasn't sure how the session on mental health would go down. Needless to say, Lisa did an exceptional job - balancing broad best practice with scientific detail when relevant. Her exercises were fun and, crucially, had lasting impact. Following the success of the Winter Retreat talk, we arranged a 1-to-1 session with Lisa for each team member - which I've heard nothing but glowing things from conversations with the team."

Amy Clement
Early Talent Lead

"As part of National Apprenticeship Week we asked Lisa to provide a tailored wellbeing session for apprentices. The session was delivered brilliantly, providing individuals with information and techniques to manage their studying, workload and personal lives; to look after their mental health to avoid burnout. The session was interactive and received great feedback from our apprentices. I highly recommend."

Vicki Wilkinson
Founder at Summit and Talent Director at KHWS

"We asked Lisa to do a talk for our agency just before Christmas 2020, in the midst of lockdown and a year that had taken its toll on everyone. Lisa delivered a brilliant and motivating talk that focused on mental resilience in times of uncertainty. Lisa managed to equip our teams with some coping strategies and techniques that will ensure that they can go into 2021 feeling prepared and optimistic about managing their own mental health. The talk was interesting and engaging, with a few surprises added in (!) and I would highly recommend Lisa to you."

Victoria Lacy-Wills
Partnership Manager

"We have been commissioning Lisa to run training for Primary School staff for a number of years now and her training is always well received by attendees. This year Lisa is running a series of sessions around social, emotional, mental health which has led a school to book Lisa to host their INSET day. I would highly recommend Lisa and the services she offers"

Kate Collet-Fenson

"I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to support our workforce in all areas throughout their careers with us, and their mental well-being is of paramount importance. It is such a specialist area and would highly recommend Lisa."

Graham Kemp
Founding Director

"It’s great to work with a professional trainer who brings, in equal measure, a great knowledge of her subject and a passion for its application. You get a real sense working with Lisa that she wants to make a difference and truly does. Hence the name ‘it’s time for change’ I guess."

Matt Williams

"Lisa recently gave a fantastic presentation to a group of our business owners on the importance of building a strong team culture. She delivered a fantastic blend of inspirational insight and practical steps to help our clients level-up their leadership and create a strong culture upon which to build their businesses. The feedback from the delegates was resoundingly positive, with every delegate mentioning Lisa's presentation as one of the highlights of the day."


“Lisa is an expert in her field. She uses her psychological expertise to develop a framework that delivers top level leadership and management development, to encourage good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace resulting in the production of a more effective and productive team!"

Associate Director, People & Development

"The time we spent with Lisa was incredibly useful, insightful and empowering. We felt better equipped to support colleagues and enable managers, and it was really helpful to create training materials collaboratively. We have been using these materials regularly with groups of colleagues, individuals and also managers since we met with Lisa, and have made associated changes to our policies and practices."

Nicola Williams
Education Development Officer

"Lisa's excellent subject knowledge enabled her to build on the experiences of attendees making the learning personal and relevant to a group of volunteers from wide range of backgrounds and experience. Our volunteers have left buzzing with enthusiasm for our new project. We couldn't be more pleased"

Emotional Intelligence Training

"I found learning about emotional regulation systems, how to de-stress and challenge my beliefs most helpful. It was good being able to practice, use visualisation and develop action plans."