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Leader & Manager Labs

Are you ready to…

Push your boundaries about the impact you have?
Challenge perceptions about how leaders and managers should lead?
Open your mind to a more meaningful and engaging way of experiencing your role?

Step into a vibrant, virtual arena that celebrates diversity of thought, fosters resilience, and breeds ingenuity with The Labs.

Be ready to step into a world of curiosity, innovation and peer support.

Hosted by Lisa LLoyd, Psychologist and Founder of It’s Time for Change, and Gemma Ellison, Leadership and Culture Director and Founder of Heart Leadership, The Labs are an interactive, dynamic environment where you’ll experience the time and space to observe, reflect, share, test and learn.

Entry to the Lab comes with:

A 6-month subscription with monthly 2.5-hour online sessions, weekly email tips, guidance and resources, and individual check-ins when additional support is needed.
A safe, supportive space to honestly share, discuss, and dissect YOUR challenges, and design new methods to address them.
A chance to shape your role with intention, inspired by data, focused learning, and the collective experience of your peers.
Expert-guided sessions to upskill, impart new knowledge, and unlock innovative solutions, using the combined power of psychology and coaching.
The world is evolving.
Expectations are changing.
The impact on your people is real.
As our world becomes more experimental, practice must shift to stay ahead of the game.
Interested in a step-by-step process of self-evaluation that mirrors the journey in our Labs? You can download our 40-minute webinar and accompanying PDF below.
The outcomes will enable anyone in leadership, management and HR roles to review one of the most important aspects of your business, by identifying gaps and needs in your people development.

Introduction to the 'Leadership and Management: an experimental approach' webinar.


❌ leave leadership and management development to chance

❌ use existing processes simply because ‘that’s the way we do things’

❌ grab a quick fix or be persuaded by expensive marketing


✔️ identify what your people need

✔️ urge them to plan, test and evaluate with intention

✔️ create a healthy, thriving, high-performing and empowered workforce


"It felt good to be vulnerable even though I don’t know people that well. It felt really good to be honest for once."


"I’m a member of other peer groups; I wondered how different this would be. It’s more focused and the topics couldn’t be better."


"We all have different challenges to solve but we’re all using the same framework provided today."


"It reminded how draining it is when we think so much about other people. I have better awareness to manage that."


"The group discussion made it all feel more human and less task focused."


"The topic was good. I realised that we all have different response but there’s a commonality in our experience."


"It gave me confidence hearing about the topic. I now know my response is normal – I thought I was being weak."


"Just getting some feedback from other leaders had a huge impact. I came away with lots of actions but decided to focus on one of them."

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