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The Beyond The Water Cooler Podcast.

Turning Conversations into Action: Work Culture & Employee Experience

I publish fortnightly episodes in term time to allow me to balance the world of family alongside work with my clients, podcasting and creating super useful resources.
These tools will be all about making your life easier, whether you’re leading an organisation, managing a team, or someone trying to take greater control of your experience at work. They are available for you to download from my resources page. Have a browse… I’m convinced there will be something there that will be helpful. And if not, drop me a line to request a resource to support you.
I will be adding new resources regularly for you to download so Join the club to automatically receive these resources in your inbox.
In the meantime, enjoy the podcast where I will be covering a whole range of topics that impact on employee experience, engagement and mental wellbeing.
And many of you will know I hate tick boxes so we’ll be kicking those out, getting beneath the surface of shiny new initiatives, stripping back layers of complexity, and going back to the fundamentals of good business – people.
I’m all about putting the human factor back into business by helping organisations become places where people are happy, well, and able to perform at their best. My mantra is simple: get people right, get business right.
Kind Words...

To be on this podcast is a pretty big deal; by far the best I've been on! Lisa truly excels as the host. The flow of conversation was remarkably smooth, affording us the freedom to explore tangents while seamlessly steering back to the main topic. Lisa's genuine passion for connecting with people radiates throughout, making it effortless for me to ride that wave of enthusiasm. Being invited onto her show was a genuine honour, and I can't wait to be back on.

Jamie Humphrey
CEO & Co-Founder, ReechUs Wellbeing

isa is a wonderful host who is clearly very knowledgeable yet she gives her guests the space to shine and share their expertise. This podcast is so helpful and useful for the most experienced practitioners and for people wanting to learn more about psychology.

Review posted on Apple Podcasts

Lisa’s podcast is a refreshingly honest & intellectual show. It is brave enough to discuss tricky subjects, make sense of them and share best practices with industry experts to accelerate an individual or a corporate’s performance, in a natural, relaxed and entertaining way.

Kathy Heath
CEO & Co-Founder, Healthy Minds Club

Beyond the Water Cooler is a great mix of conversations that will allow the listener to immerse in the topic, in a wholesome, clear and relatable manner, and always leave you wanting to hear more from the guest about the topic.

Placi Espejo
TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Champion, Coach, Mentor

Lisa is clearly an accomplished professional and is very in tune with her guests. There is genuine curiosity in her questions and she puts people at ease immediately. Her topics take a very holistic approach to workplace culture which is both refreshing and inspiring, as there is always a takeout that can be applied to your own organisation.

Review posted on Apple Podcasts

Expertly facilitated by the outstanding Lisa Lloyd, Beyond the Water Cooler podcasts are an ideal opportunity to invest in your learning & development and to listen to understand the insights, perspectives and experiences positive about positive change.

Mike Mair
Director, Mair Development

Such a great podcast and this episode (with Nick Jemetta) is excellent. Nick is very inspiring and articulates the difference between having anxiety and being anxious. Which was very helpful.

Dr Amanda Potter
Founder & CEO, Zircon

Was awesome to take a moment to just stop and philoso-phate for a while. These ideas are so important for us to wrestle with. The human person is too valuable for us not to! I really enjoyed our chat Lisa LLoyd 😊

Theran Knighton-Fitt
Co-Founder and Chief Humanising Officer, Mygrow

I love Lisa. She's ace. Somehow she manages to really get into the subjects by leading the discussion in and around topics and teasing out the intricacies. The whole time with a great big beaming smile and the effortlessly created safe space that seems to be her shadow.

Review posted on Apple Podcasts

Beyond the Water Cooler is an excellent series, with many interesting people and thought-provoking topics. Every interview feels more like a friendly conversation and Lisa poses just the right questions at just the right times to keep things flowing along nicely. Great job. Looking forward to many more.

John Hibbs
Co-Founder, CoEfficient

Love this podcast! Lisa has a really lovely style and every episode feels like you're part of a comfy chat that covers another fascinating topic. I was lucky to be asked to be a guest and can confirm that Lisa is as nice in person as she sounds on her podcast!

Review posted on Apple Podcasts

Lisa's podcasts are incredibly informative and fun to listen to! Diverse guests and Lisa's thoughtful questions about the world of work and well-being make this relevant for everyone. I will be recommending it to my university students to deepen their learning both for their career and personal development.

Dr Karen Cripps
Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Oxford Brookes University

If you’re involved in running an organisation, do not miss this goldmine of podcasts offered by Lisa Lloyd. Her guests come from all industries & sectors, and every one of them has some valuable thoughts, ideas and gems to share.  

Chris Williams
Sustainability Champion/Commercial Manager, Jennings

Lisa's podcast allows me to see how others are tackling mental health and workplace wellbeing, ethical leadership, and compassion. Her talks are very targeted, and the people that come on her podcast are incredible. It gives people permission to make big differences.

John Holland
Senior Software Engineer and Mental Health First Aider, Maersk

I was delighted to be invited as a guest on the podcast, which turned out to be a fascinating and enjoyable conversation facilitated by Lisa, who with her deep insight and down to earth approach, made the whole podcast experience a joy to be involved with. 

Carla Maroussas
Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Lisa asks insightful questions and is highly credentialed herself. Her goal is to create positive change for leadership, work culture, and employee experience. She achieves this through her podcast. I’d highly recommend it.

Dr Shawn Andrews
Founder & CEO, Andrews Research International

In times when we are overloaded with information and scrolling, we need outlets that are human and engaging. That make us stop and think. That calm and help rather than create more noise. Lisa does just this in Beyond the Water Cooler. Real humans, talking about practical, helpful topics – have a listen, it’s the perfect to combine with a cup of tea.

Nicola Weir
Internal Climate and Sustainability Leader, Deloitte

Beyond the Water Cooler is a great podcast, with a wide range of guests that cover so many really important topics. I’m really keen to spread the word to help positive change for leadership, work culture and employee experience and Lisa’s podcast is a great way to do this.

Danni Rush
Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Incentives

Lisa brings an authority of experience, knowledge and genuine curiosity of her guests and their points of view. Each episode is something I truly look forward to and learn so much from, don't think twice, just subscribe get listening and thank me later. 

David Greenaway
Coach, Life in Business

The Beyond The Water Cooler Podcast is just brilliant! Lisa’s naturally conversational style is a lovely way to explore some really complex topics. She has great guests and I have learnt so much from the episodes so far.  I am looking forward to hearing many more!

Melanie Francis
Founder, Neuroinclusive HR

Lisa is bringing an important service to business people by bringing on individuals who have a wealth of experience in subject areas so we can learn from those who tread the path before.

Dr Tracy Rea
Chartered Fellow, CIPD

Lisa brings a unique enquiry allowing her guests to explore their experiences and in to in turn share with her audience – highly recommend listening to her podcasts

Eric Collins
MD, The Jackloc Company

By bringing on unique and diverse guests, Lisa delivers fresh and interesting insights into shaking up the status quo and thinking outside the box. Great podcast, keep up the good work.

Ali Hollest
Head Coach, Try Swim Coaching

If you want honest conversation that is insightful, accessible and actionable then this is the podcast for you. Lisa draws out the best from her guests to really bring conversations to life and go deeper on topics that resonate with business owners, leadership teams and managers alike.

Lydia Berry
Founder and Director, Waymaker Consulting

Lisa is a master interviewer; she has a calm and thoughtful style and has a nice balance between listening and imparting her depth of knowledge on what she knows best – people! I recommend a listen.  

Dave Harms
Partner, Valentine Thomas & Partners

If you are serious about achieving success through your people “Beyond the Water Cooler” is a fantastic series of podcasts. From flexibility to engagement, purpose to culture these podcasts have it all. No one is more passionate or knowledgeable about her subject than Lisa.

Jim Liptrot
MD, Howorth Air Technology

It was great to chat with Lisa on the subject of culture and leadership. Her focus on how leaders can effect positive change always results in an insightful podcast; sharing experience and management styles always results in us improving as individuals.

Rob Smedley
CEO & Founder, Smedley Group

Lisa's podcast is a terrific listen for anyone who knows that broadening their perspectives makes life and work so much better for all. Lisa is an engaging host who draws the best out of the people she talks with.

Magnus Wood
Founder, The Kindness Corporation

Would really recommend listening to this. Caring about your people as a leader is what brings success both personally and professionally. Be real and bring yourself to work.

Laura Buckthorpe
Associate Director, MSD

Lisa is a hugely engaging host to chat with, asking interesting and thought provoking questions that go beyond the usual, and providing her own thoughts and experiences.

Dr Tracy Rea
Chartered Fellow, CIPD

This is a gem amongst the sea of hybrid working and staff retention articles and blogs! Beyond the Water Cooler is worth a sit down and listen.

Julia Gregory
Non-Executive Director, Corserve Ltd

You are so on-point with this Lisa. Great Podcast, in a league of it's own, yet again.

David Saab
Business Alliance Manager, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lisa is rare bread - someone who truly knows her subject, passionate about making change for good - not just commercial benefits, and super engaging. After listening to her podcast, I just had to be part of it. Keep up the good work Lisa!

Pete Sanders
Co-Founder, identifi Global Resources

The speaker's way of shifting the perspective on OCD; that it can be a superpower in some ways, was a great idea! Keep up the great work with this podcast, loving it!

Alex Caswell
Chartered Financial Planner, Unividual

Love the conversational style, the many thought provoking nuggets throughout and the genuine no one size fits all approach.

Celia Champion
Director, Painless Practice

Beyond the Water Cooler gets me to that place where I hear from first class speakers and of course the superb way Lisa conducts the discussion.

John Holland
Senior Software Engineer and Mental Health First Aider, Maersk

Best podcast I’ve listened to in a while Lisa LLoyd . I hope series two is around the corner soon?

Sharon Moffat
Mental Health Trainer - Mental Health First Aid England

I have just spent some quality time listening to this podcast from Lisa LLoyd. Insightful and very interesting. Well worth a listen. Great work Lisa

Matthew Armsby
Partner, BC technologies

Great podcast. Loved listening to it 👏. Currently binge listening to the rest of them now.

Jonathan Boxall-Southall
Director, Harlequins Theatre Group Ltd

I loved it all. I've listened to it probably 5 times! From the terms psychological safety to accidental leaders it was all so beautifully explained, so spot on and essential listening for everyone. Thank you.

Laura Young
Founder, Still Minds Education


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