|  Masculinity for Mental Fitness – Daniel Glyde

Masculinity for Mental Fitness – Daniel Glyde

Man up.

Does that phrase make you squirm or is it acceptable to you? 

We’ve all been brought up with a set of beliefs and thoughts about how we should behave. But that puts pressure on people to show up in a certain way. It may no longer be considered acceptable or helpful. And it may mean we’re covering up what’s really going on.

So, what about permission to be authentic? 

My guest, Daniel Glyde, Life Coach & Founder of Positive Masculinity, explores a different approach to mental health. We talk frankly about:

  • high performance and mental fitness
  • camaraderie instead of safe spaces
  • emotional intelligence and soft skills
  • vulnerability and mindset

Failing to meet the underlying needs for good mental health to be possible reinforces the disconnect between ‘my’ reality and the support that’s available. 

We cannot support people to improve their mental health if they don’t feel it’s relevant and understand the connection with their experience. 

Listen to or watch this episode of the podcast for practical advice about improving your own mental wellbeing, mental health, mental fitness or what ever YOU want to call it, and that of your team. 

It’s time to rip off the badges of honour men can wear when attributing stress and anxiety to being male.

Success is about authenticity, vulnerability, role modelling and giving permission for others to engage in conversations that are critical. Otherwise we continue to do ‘good’ mental health a dis-service. 

More about Daniel:

Daniel Glyde is a transformational life coach and founder of Positive Masculinity. He coaches men who feel stuck and want to change by providing a supportive and empowering environment for them to explore their self-worth, navigate relationship challenges, clarify their goals, overcome obstacles, and ultimately, cultivate confidence, connection, empowerment, purpose, and clarity in their lives.

Links to contact Daniel:


Daniel Glyde

Positive Masculinity

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