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My monthly emails are full of practical advice and valuable insight to give you and your organisation the know-how to be the best. From individual wellbeing to illustrious leadership and meritorious management, you’ll gain tidbits and tricks you can apply day-to-day.

We know that when people thrive they are more engaged, company outcomes provide more to smile about and the world is a happier place!

It’s not rocket science. It’s psychology.


"I really like your bulletin as it is snappy, gets straight to the point and is uplifting."

Anna Harrington
Director & Clinical Lead, Wellbeing & Health in Business

"This looks so professional. An impressive scope of service portfolio. And written with an encouraging, friendly style that still gushes with credibility."

James Rowell
Strategy and Process Consultant at Advent Management

"Great to read through this afternoon Lisa, I have signed up and already looking forward to the next one. Packed full of insights and interesting resources/reads! Thank you."

Lauren Webb
Founding Editor at Yellow Eve

"This is possibly the best blog/eBulletin/email I’ve seen in a long time on mental wellbeing."

David Saab
Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group

"Great first issue Lisa, well done! I look forward to more wisdom in my Inbox."

James Butler
Business Coach

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