|  Do Soft Skills Need a Rebrand? with Andrew Bardsley

Do Soft Skills Need a Rebrand? with Andrew Bardsley

My LinkedIn post in January that asked the question, ‘Do soft skills need a rebrand?’ attracted over 40 comments. 

Clearly people are interested in this topic.

So it seemed only natural to continue the conversation with someone who shared his view on that post, Andrew Bardsley, Founder of JackHR. As someone who focuses on helping tech companies stand out and keep good people, Andrew has some great insights into a world of both hard and soft skills. 

💻 We unpick how soft skills sit alongside tech.

🧠 We consider how AI and human skills will feature in the future of work.

♂️♀️ We explore gender differences and the teaching of soft skills.

🚧 We tackle some of the barriers to investing in the development of these critical skills.

💥 We offer our opinion on how soft skills should be positioned in business to have greatest impact.

🌙 And we discuss getting lost on the moon!

Whether you’re interested in leadership development, management development, recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, emotional intelligence, coaching, or psychological safety, there are some little nuggets of wisdom that could just shift some important parts of your practice.

Listen to or watch us talk, and let us know how you go about positioning and developing the not-so-soft-skills in your organisation.

If you want to find the right space for developing such skills in your organisation, Leadership and Manager Labs might just be your thing. Check them out here: Leader & Manager Labs | It’s Time for Change (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

More about Andrew:

Employee retention is a £1Billion problem here in the UK which is why, in 2023, Andrew decided to launch JackHR – a business dedicated to helping scaling tech companies keep hold of their amazing talent.

Andrew’s journey started in the North West of England, before making the 300 mile trip north to study Philosophy at The University of Stirling. When he left in 2013, the job market for ancient Greek philosophers was quiet, so he started in HR instead.

Andrew has spent the last decade working with businesses to better support their managers, provide teams with amazing growth opportunities and help individuals thrive through 1:1 coaching.

Links to contact Andrew:


Andrew Bardsley


TikTok: @jackofallhr

Website: jackhr.com

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