|  SELF HARM: Dispelling myths & shaping solutions (in YOUR company)

SELF HARM: Dispelling myths & shaping solutions (in YOUR company)

What is self-harm? Possibly not something you associate with yourself. And not a behaviour that you attribute to your colleagues, friends or family members. 

But the reality could be very different and that is why this episode of the podcast and the free resource is so important. Self-harm is not uncommon and therefore you need to know about it.

Yaj Buljeean is a trainer and clinician at Harmless, the national leader in this field. She joins me to explore what we mean by self-harm, the stigma around it, and the prevalence and risk factors. Crucially, Yaj provides practical advice for companies to support their employees who are using this behaviour to cope with underlying distress.

If you’re reading this thinking this topic isn’t relevant. Think again. 

According to the WHO, 16 million people worldwide are reported to self-harm. We know that is likely to be an underestimate. My experience alone is that clients hide their behaviour… from their partner, their friends, their employers. 

Shame and embarrassment keeps mouths shut.

Convenient for companies? That’s no longer okay. 

No idea how to think about it or where to start? That’s understandable. 

And that’s why the free, downloadable resource that covers a breadth of mental health disorders, as well as self-harm, has been created. It is a must for anyone looking to demonstrate care towards their workforce. You can get hold of your copy here: It’s Time for Change: Resources

Stop passing the buck. National Self Harm Awareness Day is on 1st March. Be part of raising awareness around what is often a misunderstood topic. Find out more and request your media pack to help coordinate your effort here: National Self Harm Awareness Day 2024 – Harmless

Additional resources and podcast conversations about Depression & Anxiety and Addiction can be found here: It’s Time for Change: Resources

More about Yaj:

Yaj works for Harmless CIC, a user-led self harm prevention service based in the East Midlands. With nearly 3 years of professional experience and 20 years of personal experience, Yaj aims to normalise the conversation around both self harm and suicide to enable anyone who’s struggling to be able to reach out for support. As a trainer and clinician, breaking down barriers to access support is a high priority for her.

Links to contact Yaj:


Yaj Buljeean


Website: harmless.org.uk

Facebook: The Academy at Harmless: Letstalktraining

X: @Yaj_Harmless

Email: yaj.buljeean@harmless.org.uk

Resources & References

Watch this episode on YouTube

National Self Harm Awareness Day 2024 – Harmless

Harmless has created a Self Harm Work book which aims to help people of all ages to understand and develop insight into their self harming behaviour. If you know anyone who might be struggling, this can be a really great resource and can be purchased through the Harmless online shop: HARMLESS WORKBOOK: WORKING THROUGH SELF HARM (ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD)

Understanding and Responding to Self Harm. The One Stop Guide: Practical Advice for Anybody Affected by Self-Harm – Allan House

Download the Resources and listen to/watch the episodes: It’s Time for Change: Resources

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