|  Designing Tomorrow’s Workplace with Rob Day

Designing Tomorrow’s Workplace with Rob Day

Do you know…

🏢 What your office is for?

✅ Which elements to consider when designing workplace where people actively want to spend time?

🌍 What global research tells us about how we can help people do their best work in the many places that work happens?

😊 How to cultivate a joyful workplace environment?

💭 The link between physical workplaces and psychological wellbeing?

🙌 Strategies and frameworks for building a work environment that amplifies productivity, happiness and job satisfaction?

As part of Leicestershire’s Innovation Festival session at De Montfort University on 12 February, I’ll be joining Rob Day and Chloe Sproston of Blueprint Interiors, Kris Newman of Steelcase, Nicky Harding and Lis Ku from De Montfort University to discuss ‘Designing Tomorrow’s Workplace’. 

Blueprint Interiors have a unique approach to designing workplaces, based on putting people first.

In this podcast, Rob focuses on the psychology behind design, encompassing the Human Givens. 

Find out more by listening to or watching the conversation and then book your place at the event here: Event Details for Designing Tomorrow’s Workplace: A Blueprint for Innovation (evolutive.co.uk)

More about Rob:

Having studied at the University of Lancaster for a degree in Management Science & Marketing, Rob Day spent a 15-year career in Sales, Design & Project Management in the Commercial Office and Leisure sectors.

In 2001 he founded his business – Blueprint Interiors Limited, a specialist design & fit-out company focused on designing and redeveloping commercial interiors. The company is now recognised as the leading workplace consultancy in the Midlands and this approach has led to significant growth as the economy comes out of the pandemic crisis.

They are firmly established in Ashby de la Zouch – celebrating their 23rd birthday this year – and employ 18 staff directly with many more subcontractors indirectly dependent upon their business throughout the Midlands.

As Chairman & Founder, Rob has successfully overseen the growth of the business and the succession plan to bring the next generation of leaders into the organisation.

Links to contact Rob:


Rob Day

Blueprint Interiors Limited

Facebook: @BlueprintInteriorsLtd

Instagram: @blueprint.interiors

Website: www.blueprintinteriors.com

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