|  Leaders Tell Us: A Unique Approach to Development

Leaders Tell Us: A Unique Approach to Development

The people who need the most development and most time are leaders, but they are precisely the people who don’t invest in themselves. Are you one of them?

That’s why Gemma Ellison of Heart Leadership and I created Labs. 

Leanne Ledger, Senior Brand Strategist and Partner at Emperorand Sarah CockroftManager at OceanWise Ltd join Gemma and I in this podcast to share the impact that a new approach to development has had for them.

We contrast a conscious process that centres around being human, with traditional models of leadership and manager training. We hear how Labs have changed practice in terms of creating space for people to become more self-aware, to think, to plan and to perform well.

And that’s hugely important when people in these roles usually focus on supporting others; turning the lens to look inwards is empowering.

Using a test and learn approach requires analysis, hypotheses and creativity. When we apply that process to our real-world challenges, we grow and innovate. 

Whether the focus is about understanding your place and purpose as a leader, or feeling confident to try new things and reduce pressure on ourselves to be perfect, there is real value from engaging with these topics. Learn about what’s most relevant to you. Could that be… 

❓ how you show up for your team or within your peer group, and for your self in terms of mental wellbeing?

❓ how to lead aspects of your business better, from change and uncertainty, to emotional intelligence, psychological safety, or having effective conversations?

What is it that Leanne or Sarah say that appeals to you? I’d challenge anyone to listen to their experience and not feel a teeny bit inspired! 💡👏🏼

Find out more about the Labs here or drop us a line to have a chat.

If you’re interested in bringing Labs in-house, 🏢 reach out to Gem or I. We’re excited about the interest we’ve had in a company-based approach to developing people. 

2024 might just be your year for trying something new!

More about Leanne:

Leanne Ledger is a Senior Brand Consultant at Emperor, a corporate communications agency. She works with businesses to help define and articulate what makes them distinct, relevant and authentic to create a strategy and positioning that will elevate their reputation, inspire and motivate their people and make them more competitive and successful. With over 20 years in advertising and brand strategy, Leanne is also passionate about people development, ED&I, allyship and sustainability, so is involved in other initiatives as well as being lead singer in a ten-piece band (which has its own joys and challenges)!

Links to contact Leanne:


Leanne Ledger


Website: emperor.works

More about Sarah:

Sarah has just started at OceanWise as Monitoring Manager for the oceanographic monitoring team. She is very excited to start something new and to join a growing team supporting ports, harbours, marine operations teams around the world.

Sarah has been an oceanographer her whole career, gradually shifting from a practical on-a-boat oceanographer to a team leader. She has always been a people-person and firmly believe that people will be more invested in the cause if they are engaged, challenged, trusted, and respected. She loves mentoring people, especially those early in their careers, and think it is so important to give people time and encouragement in their development.

Links to contact Sarah:


Sarah Cockroft


More about Gemma:

Gemma Ellison, Leadership and Culture Director and founder of Heart Leadership, knows that employee engagement is at an all time low (it’s estimated that only 15% of employees are engaged globally). That’s where Heart Leadership comes in; they evolve organisational culture to create environments where people feel genuinely valued, inspired and empowered. The result? Increased happiness, productivity, innovation and profit.

Gemma’s journey started as a lawyer. Someone once described her as having a ‘sensitivity for the human condition’. That sensitivity and curiosity about human behaviour led her to pivot, turning her attention to workplace culture.

As Director of Culture, she’s seen first hand the remarkable impact of nurturing a purpose driven work environment. This happens by design – not by accident. The world is changing rapidly, and the way most organisations currently work isn’t fit for purpose, both for now and moving into the future. She believes in experimenting within organisations to find unique, bespoke ways to enhance culture.

Links to contact Gemma:

LinkedIn: Gemma Ellison

Email: gemma@heart-leadership.co.uk

Resources & References

Find out more here: Leadership & Manager Labs (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

Watch this episode on YouTube

Future Ready by Experimentation – with Gemma Ellison – It’s Time for Change (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

Download the 40-minute Lab webinar and accompanying PDF here

Managers… Just Managing? with Sarah Cockroft – It’s Time for Change (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

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