|  Future Ready by Experimentation – with Gemma Ellison

Future Ready by Experimentation – with Gemma Ellison

Did you know…

  • Only 46% of employees trust their manager to do what is right, dropping to 32% for senior leaders?
  • 72% leaders report they feel used up at the end of the day, an increase of 12% from 2020?
  • Fewer than half of leaders find their jobs purposeful. Yet, leaders with a strong sense of purpose are 9 times more likely to feel engaged?
  • Only 29% companies train for the crucial skills that leaders want to develop.

The world is evolving. Expectations are changing. The impact on your people is real. 

Our world is becoming more experimental, pushing boundaries, stepping outside the norm. As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

And so your practice must shift to stay ahead of the game.

💭 We need peers with whom we can unpick challenges and explore new ways to think about them.

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑 We crave a human, interactive experience for development; to emotionally connect and focus on what matters most to us.

🔬 We feel excited by the ability to learn, apply, test and review.

How are you making that happen?

Regardless of size, your organisation can apply key principles adopted by the likes of Booking.com and Toyota, to increase engagement and performance.

In this podcast, Gemma Ellison and I discuss how, including the need to create a meaningful space for experimentation to happen. Given the constant battle for time and attention, that’s a significant challenge. 

But, it’s worth it. Your people know what is most meaningful and what’s most likely to enable greater success. Finding a way to nurture that is key.

Access the webinar that dives into this in greater depth here: Leadership and Manager Labs


❌ leave the development of your people and processes to chance

❌ use existing processes simply because ‘that’s the way we do things’ 

❌ grab a quick fix or be persuaded by marketing that promotes a blanket approach 


✔️ identify what your people observe, need and are inspired to try

✔️ urge them to plan new ways of working, test and evaluate with intention

✔️ create a healthy, thriving, high-performing and empowered workforce

Join the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft who have found experimentation to be a game changer. 

How are you 💡empowering💡 your employees to shape the future of work?

Contact us for an experiment design template to support you on your journey.

More about Gemma:

Gemma Ellison, Leadership and Culture Director and founder of Heart Leadership, knows that employee engagement is at an all time low (it’s estimated that only 15% of employees are engaged globally). That’s where Heart Leadership comes in; they evolve organisational culture to create environments where people feel genuinely valued, inspired and empowered. The result? Increased happiness, productivity, innovation and profit.

Gemma’s journey started as a lawyer. Someone once described her as having a ‘sensitivity for the human condition’. That sensitivity and curiosity about human behaviour led her to pivot, turning her attention to workplace culture.

As Director of Culture, she’s seen first hand the remarkable impact of nurturing a purpose driven work environment. This happens by design – not by accident. The world is changing rapidly, and the way most organisations currently work isn’t fit for purpose, both for now and moving into the future. She believes in experimenting within organisations to find unique, bespoke ways to enhance culture.

Links to contact Gemma:

LinkedIn: Gemma Ellison

Email: gemma@heart-leadership.co.uk

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Contact me for an experiment design template to support your process. 

Find out more here: Leadership & Manager Labs (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

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