|  RETHINK Being Human at Work – with Gemma Ellison, Macmillan Cancer Support

RETHINK Being Human at Work – with Gemma Ellison, Macmillan Cancer Support

Gemma Ellison, Senior Leadership & Talent Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, joins me in a productive ‘rant’ about some key issues in business, and most importantly, how to rethink them.

I love the energy, inspiration and wisdom that comes from Gemma. She really knows her stuff.

We get to grips with…

🗣️ The deliberate leader – an important distinction to a step up the career ladder

🗣️ Challenging common beliefs; is treating others how we want to be treated good enough?

🗣️ The bias towards short term metrics and how they drive the wrong behaviours

🗣️ Work-kind – including becoming an activist (thank you Magnus Wood)

🗣️ Knowing the right time to walk away from leadership responsibility

🗣️ The concept of ‘being strong’

🗣️ What we really mean when we talk about changing company culture

🗣️ The power of neurodiversity in teams

🗣️ The value of platforms such as YourFLOCK to support leaders (you’ll love this conversation, Dan Sodergren and Michal Wisniewski!)

If everyone had a little more ‘sensitivity for the human condition’ (brilliant quote, Gemma), the world of work would be a different place.

How are you and your company disrupting the status quo and pushing the ‘being human’ agenda?

More about Gemma

Gemma is an ex lawyer turned leader in the talent, culture and leadership space. She cares deeply about the experience of people in the workplace, and is an advocate of leading with heart, humanity and compassion. She is currently working on some exciting talent and leadership projects at Macmillan Cancer Support.

Links to contact Gemma:

LinkedIn: Gemma Ellison

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