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Leadership & Manager Labs

Leadership & Manager Labs.

Be ready to step into a world of curiosity, creativity and camaraderie.

Hosted by Lisa LLoyd, Psychologist and Founder of It’s Time for Change, and Gemma Ellison, Leadership and Culture Director and Founder of Heart Leadership, The Labs are an interactive, dynamic environment where you’ll experience the time and space to reflect, observe, share and learn.
Are you ready to push your boundaries about the impact you have?
Challenge perceptions about how leaders and managers should lead?
Open your mind to a more meaningful and engaging way of experiencing your role?

Step into a vibrant, virtual arena that celebrates diversity of thought, fosters resilience, and breeds ingenuity with The Labs.

Entry to the Lab comes with:

A 6-month subscription, with 2-hour sessions each month that spark a renewed sense of purpose, creativity, and connection.
A safe, supportive space to share, discuss, and dissect your leadership and management challenges.
A chance to shape the future of management, inspired by the collective wisdom of your peers.
Expert-guided sessions to unlock innovative solutions using the combined power of psychology and coaching.

What people are saying about the Labs.

We set the scene well to create space for meaningful and intimate conversations… for positive outcomes in just 2 hours. “I’m enjoying the lack of bullshit!” 
Hearing different ways to think about myself and where I’m at is helpful – it’s reassuring and I feel energised. 
It’s impressive how quickly we’ve been able to get into the detail and talk openly and to be vulnerable in 2 hours.
The number of people is spot on – I didn’t feel the need to pull back as I would in larger groups. 

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