|  ADDICTION Unveiling the Shadows: Understanding the Complexity and Providing Support

ADDICTION Unveiling the Shadows: Understanding the Complexity and Providing Support

Is your organisation fuelling addiction? 

Do you understand the causes and triggers that can lead to someone engaging with addictive behaviour?

Do you know the behaviours that might constitute addiction, or that could manifest into addiction? 

Richie Paxton of the EPIC Restart Foundation has lived experience. He joins Amantha King and I to share a heap of insight about how to be more aware and support people living with addiction, including those impacted by someone else using this behaviour.

If you think this topic is not relevant for you, watch this short film produced for #AddictionAwarenessWeek2023: Everybody Knows Somebody… it’s 17 minutes that could change so much.

Everybody knows someone.

The downloadable Addiction resource is part of a series that so far also features a resource for Depression & Anxiety. It is full of advice about making addiction relevant to YOU and your organisation, including what to look for and how to help. 

Get your free copy here: It’s Time for Change: Resources

Harmful behaviours can quickly snowball when we experience a significant life event, unmet emotional needs, or we don’t have appropriate coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges.

Richie shares his story. It reminded me of the incredible novel I read recently, Demon Copperhead, by Barbara Kingsolver. Addiction is a reality.

Our conversation also reminded me that we often have NO idea about what’s going on for people behind their mask. We make assumptions about people’s lives, particularly when they appear to have all they need to be happy. But perception is a very unique thing. 

You don’t need to fix the problems. 

But you do need to hold space for people.

Space is a recurring theme, whether I’m focusing on mental wellbeing, workplace culture or leadership and management. Get this right and you’ll get a lot right in terms of looking after your people.

Find out more in the resource. 

Get in touch for help to develop your workforce to have compassionate conversations and to gain confidence supporting and empowering employees to live their best selves.

Back to my first question. Are you fuelling addiction or are you part of the solution?

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By looking at the whole person, Amantha creates positive transformations that have lifelong positive outcomes. She is driven in educating and providing support through menopause awareness and training and is an advocate for sharing best practice within organisations who are looking to support their teams through meaningful actions. Her 3-step menopause programme assists companies in retaining their pool of talent through strong cultural principles and 121 menopause coaching

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