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The Resilience Collective

Mental Health Insights, Strategies & Tools Through the Lens of a Psychologist & Coach

We know that good mental health and wellbeing is not only important for individuals but vital for business.

But we're also aware of the gap between 'knowing' we need to support people to feel ok, and 'how'.

There is a lot of advice about different aspects of mental health in the public domain, so why not simply refer to that?
Well, in our opinion, it takes time to identify what is credible, relevant, and actually makes a difference.
Our experience tells us that companies want straight-forward support, and that is why we have created this series of 5 resources that:
Describe typical signs of specific mental health challenges for you to better understand them
Outline the extent of the problem
Highlight the impact on employees and business
Provide practical solutions for the workplace that make a positive difference for people experiencing challenges to their mental health, the wider workforce, and their families
Give you tools to use with employees, including team discussion frameworks and individual strategies
Are accompanied by a recorded conversation about how to use them
Come with our expertise; we are available for further advice and support if you feel you need it

If you work in management or HR or have a role that includes helping others, this Resilience Collective is for you.

We will help you:

Provide appropriate support to individual employees experiencing challenges to their mental health
Raise awareness across your workforce of challenges to mental health
Review and align your processes and practice to be more inclusive and supportive of mental health needs
Shape a more informed workforce that embraces difference and enables people to perform at their best
Create an organisation that is known for looking after people and focusing on factors that impact performance

The Resources.


The good, the bad and the 'how' to get the elephant out of the room

Depression & Anxiety

Effective strategies for nurturing the Black Dog

Self-Harm, Disorders and Phobias

Self-Harm, Disorders and Phobias

The suffering we don’t see – dispelling the myths and shaping helpful solutions

Educating Our Workforce

Educating Our Workforce

Preparing the next generation for good mental health

Want to hear us explain The Resilience Collective rather than take our written-word for it?

To understand the wider context of mental health, from the past, to the present, and into the future, take a look at this feature:

About the Authors.


We are Lisa LLoyd and Amantha King, passionate about getting mental health understanding and support right.

We each lead our own businesses but we like to join forces, including being part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Mental Wellbeing Steering Group. You can check out some of their resources here.
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