|  Introducing a Free, Action-Oriented Resource – with Amantha King

Introducing a Free, Action-Oriented Resource – with Amantha King

Welcome to The Resilience Collective!

If you’re interested in mental health, wellbeing, employee engagement and basically being a kind and compassionate human, you’ll love this!

Amantha King and I have joined forces to create some awesome resources for you to use, and in this episode, we explain what they’re all about.

We are bridging the gap between knowing ‘I should be doing something’ to support people, ‘what’ that could be, and ‘how’.

As a psychologist and a coach, we have pooled our knowledge, skills, tools and findings from our work, to create a collective that will REALLY make a difference. That includes:

  • recognition that no one approach fits all – professionals in this space need to know how to personalise support
  • knowing that people are generally time poor – resources need to be super user friendly
  • the value of replacing a clinical focus on mental health with a human-centred, action-orientated approach


The Resilience Collective is made up of 5 resources…

  1. STRESS: The good, the bad and the ‘how’ to get the elephant out of the room
  2. DEPRESSION & ANXIETY: Effective strategies for nurturing the black dog
  3. ADDICTION: Unveiling the shadows to understand the complexity and provide support
  4. SELF-HARM ‘DISORDERS’ & PHOBIAS: The suffering we don’t see – dispelling the myths and shaping helpful solutions
  5. EDUCATION: Preparing the next generation for good mental health


We’re kicking off on Friday 13th (lucky for us!) with our stress resource, ready for Stress Awareness Day on 1st November.

Our belief is that currently action to support people to experience their best mental health isn’t good enough.

🗣️There’s lots of chat.

🖋️There is lots written about it.

💡There are some well-intended ‘solutions’.

📅And there are a few ‘events’ thrown in for good measure.


‼️ But we’re not seeing the impact‼️


If you think your workplace has got it right, we’d love to hear your story and the evidence.

Follow these resources at #theresiliencecollective.

And finally, schedule half an hour in your diary from 13th October to find out more about how you can take greater control of stress to improve workplace wellbeing.

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More about Amantha:

Amantha King is a Workplace Menopause Coach & Strengths Development Consultant

She combines NLP coaching, neuroscience and wellbeing elements to guide companies and their employees to achieve their potential through strategies that focus on self-reflection, peak performance pathways and creating environments where employees can flourish.

By looking at the whole person, Amantha creates positive transformations that have lifelong positive outcomes. She is driven in educating and providing support through menopause awareness and training and is an advocate for sharing best practice within organisations who are looking to support their teams through meaningful actions. Her 3-step menopause programme assists companies in retaining their pool of talent through strong cultural principles and 121 menopause coaching

Links to contact Amantha:

LinkedIn: Amantha King




YouTube: Amantha King Coaching – YouTube

Website: www.amanthakingcoaching.com

Email: amanthakingcoaching@gmail.com

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