|  Liberating Cultures: Putting Psychological Safety into Practice – Sonali Kumarakulasinghe

Liberating Cultures: Putting Psychological Safety into Practice – Sonali Kumarakulasinghe

How confident are you that every member of your team feels empowered and safe enough to contribute? That they are fully engaged? That their ideas are encouraged to emerge and germinate? That their experience day to day matches how they want to feel? 

In this episode of the podcast, Sonali Kumarakulasinghe, People and Culture Consultant at SK Consulting outlines TWO PRACTICAL APPROACHES that enable people to become more aware of themselves and their colleagues, to engage with meaningful change, and to strengthen team relationships. 

We unpick how LIBERATING STRUCTURES can be used to shape everyday interactions to make organisations more successful by being able to follow ten leadership principles:

  1. Include and Unleash Everyone
  2. Practice Deep Respect for People and Local Solutions
  3. Build Trust As You Go
  4. Learn by Failing Forward
  5. Practice Self-Discovery Within a Group
  6. Amplify Freedom AND Responsibility
  7. Emphasize Possibilities: Believe Before You See
  8. Invite Creative Destruction To Enable Innovation ⬅️ I LOVE THIS ONE! 
  9. Engage In Seriously-Playful Curiosity
  10. Never Start Without Clear Purpose

Then we identify the difference that the EMOTIONAL CULTURE DECK makes to companies being clear about how their employees want to feel, how they don’t want to feel, and what that means in practice. 

Emotion drives behaviour. If we choose to ignore the dominant driver, we simply become robotic, engaging at a cognitive level. The result = less than optimum performance. 

It’s time to unleash and celebrate the level of complexity under the surface that really shapes workplace culture. 

Find out how to transform your practice to gain the most from your amazing people with the resources and practical advice that Sonali shares.

More about Sonali

Sonali is a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. She works with leaders, teams and individuals to co-create positive organisational cultures and to enable better conversations at work. She is passionate about improving the employee experience at work, where there is mutual trust, care and respect. She partners with client organisations to achieve this.

Links to contact Sonali:

LinkedIn: Sonali K MCIPD

Email: sonali@sk-consult.co.uk

Resources & References

Liberating Structures – menu of 33 Liberating Structures, with open source resources.

Emotional Culture Deck – free downloadable deck, and 10% discount for the physical card deck –For transparency, please note that this is Sonali’s affiliate link.

The Liberators – Liberating Structures workshops and resources.

Wise Crowds Design Call – Take your case to the Liberating Structures Wise Crowds design call and be a client and consultant.

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