|  Mental Health: From Boardrooms to Toolkits – Placi Espejo

Mental Health: From Boardrooms to Toolkits – Placi Espejo

Placi Espejo is a MH Champion, Coach and Mentor supporting innovative businesses to help them grow. 

She is also a TEDx speaker, having taken to the stage to share her ideas about embracing mental health and the benefits of workplace policies. Placi talks from her own experience of struggles with mental health, and from her role within companies that means she has a wealth of insight into how to make the experience of work better.

Poor mental health is costing UK employers up to £56 billion a year (Deloitte, 2022) and so addressing this has to be everyone’s business. 

In this episode, we explore:

  • Why we’re continuing to have the discussion about leaders taking mental health seriously, despite increased awareness in recent years
  • Placi’s own story and the lessons learned from that
  • Who has responsibility for mental health at work
  • How we motivate companies to change their approach
  • The mental health / health and safety connection (and future requirements)
  • The role of policy, mental health induction and day-to-day practice
  • Tools to improve mental health at an individual and organisational level

More about Placi

Placi Espejo is a TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Champion, Coach and Mentor working with innovative businesses to unlock their growth and collaboration potential. She is currently part of the transitioning team for the creation of the new Oxford-Cambridge Partnership leading on the Economy Programme.

From being involved in running the family business since an early age to getting start-ups ready for investment, Placi loves the buzz of making a difference by supporting entrepreneurship. An experienced mentor with Entrepreneur Societies, local Accelerators and Schools, she is also a Deputy Chairman for Oxfordshire Business First and Relationship Manager for Bicester Vision.

Links to contact Placi:

LinkedIn: Placi

Instagram: @placi.mindfulnessjourney

Twitter: @PlaciEspejo

TikTok: @over40placi

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