|  Anxiety: A Strategic Imperative – with Nick Jemetta

Anxiety: A Strategic Imperative – with Nick Jemetta

Nick Jemetta, founder of Stories Matter, joins me to discuss anxiety. He is passionate about creating connection, conversation, curiosity and change. And he takes a holistic approach to mental health. 

Stress, anxiety and depression are thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues. 

According to the Workplace Health Report 2022, 58% of employees are experiencing anxiety, and 34% of those experiencing anxiety are aged 25-34. 

In the current climate of financial stress, ongoing strikes, international conflict and other negative news filling the media channels, it is no surprise that rates of anxiety are reaching new levels. 

Nick and I discuss:

  • The need for a different approach to a growing problem
  • People at risk of developing anxiety
  • Strategies for companies to consider for an organisational response
  • The need to rethink expectations of managers

The resource ‘Tackling Anxiety Collectively‘ is a team discussion framework for normalising the conversation. 

✅ Download it and start making a difference for your teams. 

✅ Support your managers in having the discussions that count. 

✅ Let your employees know that you validate them, care, and that you seek to empower people to take control.

Get in touch for help with having such conversations and advice about providing the best support. 

More about Nick:

As Founder of Stories Matter, Nick ‘Fancy Dress Dad’ Jemetta is on mission is to change the narrative – creating empowered cultures for organisations, and (young) people to thrive.

He is a digital product coach and consultant, multi-award-winning mental health campaigner, speaker, trainer, and organisational wellbeing coach.

Nick’s inspirational journey from anxious teenage introvert to business owner (via media stardom and corporate burnout!), is an uplifting, powerful story of hope, positivity, and resilience.

Links to contact Nick:


Nick Jemetta

Stories Matter

Facebook: Nicholas Jemetta

Instagram: @nicholasjemetta

Twitter: @nicholasjemetta

Website: www.storiesmatter.io

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From my conversation with Nick: 

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