|  The Metaverse: The Future of Work? – with Magnus Wood

The Metaverse: The Future of Work? – with Magnus Wood

In this episode we discuss a big topic… the metaverse! 

I’m joined by Magnus Wood, Co-Founder of The Kindness Corporation who has a lot to say about working kind in the metaverse, and who is behind the Metaverse Coalition.

We discuss the changing world of work and how virtual reality is going to be part of our day-to-day reality in not-too-far a future. This shift in how we communicate and interact raises lot of questions, which we discuss here. 

There are key considerations for leadership as they embrace this change. We explore how companies can reduce anxiety that many people will have about a such a unique way of working. And we recognise the value that many employees who are more both familiar and secure in the VR world can bring to the organisation. 

Magnus is great at connecting the metaverse with the need to #workkind and he explains the return on investment from the largest study on workplace kindness conducted last year. 

The future is just around the corner when we consider the number of companies already working with the metaverse; it is no longer a concept that we can put off engaging with. Magnus helps us to understand how to start the conversations in our organisations, and how to provide a collective voice that will maintain the human element of a virtual future.

More about Magnus

Magnus Wood runs The Kindness Corporation. After a successful corporate career, culminating in running a multi-million dollar creative production company, Magnus stepped away in 2019 to start an exploration of workplace kindness. So convinced by its power he published The Kindness Code book in 2020 and started The Kindness Corporation, which now works globally helping work suck less and businesses thrive more.

Links to contact Magnus:

LinkedIn: Magnus Wood

Instagram: @magnuswood

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