|  Are leaders all they’re cracked up to be? – with Stuart Neilson

Are leaders all they’re cracked up to be? – with Stuart Neilson

Stuart Neilson who is a business leader and MD of mark’ennovy UK & Nordiks joins me in this episode. He has extensive knowledge and skills about authentic leadership and the impact on organisational culture.

He has worked with the FutureWork Forum, and his experience and very active interest in leadership makes this a must-listen.

We touch on a lot, including:

  • What ’employee experience’ means including generational differences
  • The people or business who have been instrumental in Stuart’s employee experience journey
  • The role, influence and impact of leadership on employee experience
  • The process towards achieving a positive employee experience
  • The connection between employee experience that should inform the future of work


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A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle

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Additional book recommendations from Stuart:

The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade, Jacob Morgan

Never Going Back: How Covid-19 changed work for good, Mark Thomas & Peter Thomson


More about Stuart:

Stuart is a highly enthusiastic and results orientated experienced international leader with broad experience across a variety of industries spanning from FMCG to Medical Devices. He has worked for a number of global organisations including Cadbury Schweppes , Boots Healthcare International , Novartis and The Sivantos Group (formerly Siemens Hearing). More recently Stuart has supported a number of start-ups and used his talents to turnaround underperforming organisations.

A strong believer in results through people Stuart is passionate about the importance of authentic and respectful leadership and how transformational leadership drives employee engagement and optimum business performance.

As an international leader he has experience of managing large global teams and has a successful track record of leading multiple Country Turnarounds. In his role as Vice President of The Sivantos Hearing Group he was based out of Munich with responsibility for business in over 70 countries playing a key leadership role as part of a high performing Management Board.

Stuart graduated in Business Studies at Leeds University before embarking on a commercial career. He built his career mainly through the Sales function where he rose through multiple levels from Sales Representative with Cadbury Schweppes to Sales Director at Novartis . His success in sales comes from a belief that strong customer collaboration comes from how as a supplier you can truly ‘add value’ and thinking ‘out of the box’.

In his role of UK Managing Director with the Sonova Hearing Group he applied a transformational approach to leadership fully embracing talent management , leadership development , agile working , flexible benefits and embracing diversity .As a consequence of the high performance , the approach became a global leadership model for the group and led to 4 of his management team becoming Managing Directors in their own right.

Stuart was trained in Strategy Development at Ashridge Business School and more recently joined The Future Work Forum as a key contributor and one of twenty five global Partners .


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