|  The Great Disconnect – with Pete Sanders

The Great Disconnect – with Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders, Co-Founder and Group MD at The identifi Group, joins me to discuss the challenge of recruitment in a world where the workforce is so dispersed. 

This is something that so many companies are struggling with right now, despite the fact that arguably, it should be easier than ever to recruit when remote working is the norm. So what really is getting in the way?

We explore:

  • How the ‘dis-connect’ can enhance diversity
  • How open are companies really to exploring the real reason for their needing to recruit?
  • How can companies position themselves as meaningful organisations to engage with, in a digital world?
  • How do we win the race to recruit talent with the dilemma about skill sets vs cultural fit?
  • How to provide a consistent candidate experience so that you demonstrate your care from the outset.

Pete explains how his company drives a partnership that motivates employers and recruiters to do the right thing by those looking for work. A Candidate Charter shapes an experience that is meaningful and positive, even when candidates are not selected for the role. 

If you’re not sure the effort is worth it, listen to what Pete has to say about their stats (based on feedback) compared to the industry average! Recruitment is part of your brand. 

How confident are you that prospective employees, who are then rejected, would talk favourably about you and promote your company?

If you would like help to understand and develop your purpose, culture, and people, get in touch with Pete or It’s Time for Change.

More about Pete

Pete Sanders is an Executive Search Specialist and Owner & Co-Founder of identifi Global. Pete also hosts the People First Podcast Series, which shines a light on great companies that truly value their people. Pete has 20 years experience recruiting mid-senior level technical & business specialists. He founded identifi Global on the simple premise of providing first class candidate experience. identifi Global is the only recruitment company that rewards it consultants based on candidate experience.

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Authentic, self-aware leadership: Transcending Leadership – It’s Time for Change (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

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Workplace Culture: 14 Steps – It’s Time for Change (itstimeforchange.co.uk)

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