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Tackling Anxiety Collectively


This ‘Team Discussion Framework’ is a process for teams to use to tackle anxiety collectively. It centres around normalising conversations, increasing awareness of ourselves and each other, and enabling people to take positive action that makes a real difference.


We know that having conversations about sensitive topics can feel daunting. We question whether we have the right information, the skill to ask helpful questions, and the ‘answers’ to issues that may arise.

However, we also know that having the discussion in a way that communicates care and compassion is what is most important.


So, to prevent the question of knowledge and confidence becoming a barrier for managers to lead such explorations with their teams, I have created this 10-step framework to guide you.


Each stage has the information you need and points to discuss with your team. The beauty is… there are no right or wrong answers. And that’s the point… these conversations should be about hearing individual views, experiences and needs. That empowers you to then shape your response to be more meaningful, and to support those people to thrive.



With official figures from the ONS this week showing that record numbers of people are not working due to ill health, including mental health, in the UK, we must take action to reduce that trend.

Here is your opportunity to be a part of driving positive change.


Have a go. Reach out if you feel stuck or if you want to expand on your skills, knowledge or confidence in shaping a culture that empowers everyone to thrive. Get people right; get business right.


Click here to download the discussion framework resource.


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