|  The Shirtless Diver Levels up Wellbeing – Jamie Humphrey, ReechUs

The Shirtless Diver Levels up Wellbeing – Jamie Humphrey, ReechUs

➡️ Sick notes are on they way out, according to Sunak. 

What does that mean for people needing support to get themselves into a place where they feel ok enough to re-engage with work?

➡️ Employees are more aware of their rights and expect more in terms of ‘care’, with access to services that aren’t about making them ‘better’ but about enhancing their lifestyle. 

How do companies know which specialists are credible, who work as a team, and that provide data to leaders to inform them about their work environment?

Individual and organisational wellbeing go hand-in-hand 🫱🏼‍🫲🏼. 

That’s why I invited Jamie Humphrey, CEO of ReechUs Wellbeing, to join my podcast. He brings the employee part of the solution to the table, around which I sit, with leaders looking to do something different, meaningful, and that has impact. 

Are you looking at the whole solution or have you zoomed in one just one part? 

Reech out to Jamie to find out more about ReechUs Wellbeing. He’s got space for one more foundational member! 

While you’re at it, let’s chat about the bigger picture in terms of your culture. 

It’s time to join the dots. It’s time for change that reverses the decline in the health of our workforce.

More about Jamie:

Jamie Humphrey is the CEO and founder of ReechUs Wellbeing, a corporate wellness program that gives employees remote access to Therapists, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers and Financial Coaches.

Links to contact Jamie:


Jamie Humphrey

ReechUs Wellbeing

Website: www.reechus.com

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