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Employee Engagement

And Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace


I’m pinching the blog by YourFLOCK as it summarises brilliantly the conversation I had with Dan Sodergren, Angela Prentner Smith and Nikki Scrivener recently.


You can listen to the recording of the event here👇🏼


The amazing @YourFLOCK event and our discussion on fostering employee engagement / productivity in the hybrid workplace era.


It was amazing to learn so much from the great speakers we had at our event discussing:

What is the future of work for creative, tech and marketing agencies? 


Which was the webinar from Your FLOCK – the employee feedback platform. So a HUGE THANKS TO THE SPEAKERS… Angela Prentner SmithNikki Scrivener and Lisa LLoyd for their wisdom on the day.


The recording of this is now up on YouTube as a thanks from us here at www.YourFLOCK.co.uk. If you would like your team to have the two weeks free trial mentioned – click on the book demo button on our home page.


The event taught me so much and had us all thinking about the future of work. Especially around leadership. As in today’s fast-paced hybrid workplace, new leadership styles and innovative company culture have become imperative. Building a team with complementary skills that work together harmoniously is going to be essential for increasing efficiency and fostering employee engagement.


Understanding individual strengths allows for effective task delegation, goal setting, and overall productivity. Focusing on these strengths, teams can unlock greater innovation, creativity, and success in achieving their goals. In this context, YourFLOCK’s employee feedback platform can play a significant role in understanding employees and enhancing their engagement. Which is why I was so happy to invest in the company some 5 and half years ago.


Humanising the Hybrid Work Environment

In the realm of hybrid work, putting the human factor back into business is crucial. Creating a supportive and inclusive culture that emphasises mental well-being, psychological safety, and effective leadership will contribute to greater job satisfaction and performance. This approach encourages innovation and creativity, ultimately fostering a thriving workplace.


Employee engagement has become pivotal in hybrid working models. Employers should make a conscious effort to promote work-life balance, flexibility, and personalised benefits that cater to individual preferences. Understanding different employees’ priorities and offering a competitive yet balanced package is key to remaining an attractive employer, especially in the increasingly remote work landscape.


YourFLOCK’s employee feedback platform can help bridge the communication gap, empowering leaders to understand their teams’ motivations, values, and strengths better. This aids in the creation of a work environment that nurtures employee engagement, innovation, and growth. The platform can help drive a culture that values collaboration and transparency, fostering stronger relationships among team members and increasing job satisfaction.


Employee Retention and Company Culture

Positive company culture and competitive benefits are vital for talent retention. Besides offering a fair salary, companies need to focus on other strategies, such as hybrid working and additional benefits that cater to mental well-being. A productive, engaged workforce can contribute significantly to a company’s long-term success, achieving objectives and fostering innovation.


As the speakers spoke about applying personalised benefits is now essential to organisations for long-term employee retention. We have to talk to our employees and find out what works for them and why. Recognising that each individual has different priorities and preferences, companies can tailor their benefit packages to cater to these needs. This strategy can make a substantial impact on employee engagement and satisfaction.


In addition to personalised benefits, companies must prioritise their values to stand out in the competitive job market. Organisations should ensure their values align with those of their workforce, considering factors such as sustainability, work-life balance, diversity, and even employee feedback. Efforts to align with these values will aid in the retention of staff and the attraction of new talent, contributing to the growth and success of the company. As Angela Prentner-Smith from This Is Milk and Neve Learning rightly said:

“Companies have to walk the walk and not talk the talk”

Work-Life Integration: Presenteeism and Hybrid Work

Another thing we discussed over the event – which you can watch all of on YouTube. Is how work-life integration has become increasingly relevant in the age of hybrid work. Focussing on employee engagement, remote work, and hybrid working helps ensure a healthy, committed workforce, which in turn, results in higher productivity. But we have to also be on the lookout for burnout. As Lisa Lloyd advised.


In the context of hybrid work, striking a balance between work and personal lives is vital for preventing burnout and maintaining overall employee well-being. It enables individuals to contribute constructively to the organisation while retaining a sense of ownership over their work-life balance.


Companies should provide the necessary support, resources, and training to help managers communicate effectively with their teams in a remote or hybrid work setting. Essential managerial skills include empathetic communication, goal-setting, and identifying early signs of burnout or disengagement. As Nikki from Fourth Day PR pointed out, especially for hybrid teams dispersed over time zones around the world. As there is a temptation to:

“Always be on”. 

We need to help managers and leaders of hybrid teams to develop skills to enable managers to create a supportive environment that benefits employees and fosters collaboration in the hybrid workplace.


YourFLOCK’s employee feedback platform can help managers understand the unique strengths, motivations, and values of each team member more effectively. This comprehensive understanding enables managers to address issues timely and support team members proactively, which leads to a happier and more engaged workforce.

Skills for the Future Workforce and the Role of Engagement

The advancement of technology and AI calls for a new set of skills within the workforce. As hybrid work becomes more prominent, it is crucial for employees to be proficient in the use of technology and adapt to new working models. Strong engagement is essential for fostering innovation and performance; therefore, addressing employee engagement in a hybrid work environment is of paramount importance for organisations.


To thrive in the hybrid work landscape, a company must adopt a people-centric approach, valuing employee engagement and offering personalised benefits that cater to individual needs. Fostering a supportive and inclusive company culture will only strengthen employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.


Incorporating YourFLOCK’s employee feedback platform can prove instrumental in understanding and communicating with your workforce, unlocking more significant potential for success in today’s complex hybrid environment.


As Lisa Lloyd from It’s Time For Change rightly says the future of work is about

“Asking your people how they want to feel at work to get the most out of them”. 

Add to this a dash of happiness too and you have precisely why awe founded Your FLOCK. Please do watch the online event if you haven’t already. What is the future of work for creative, tech and marketing agencies?  The webinar replay from us @YourFLOCK