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My Interview on Runn Radio


I was really proud to be asked to contribute to this important event. Runn Radio dedicated an entire day to raise awareness, help people understand, and help those in need, who are suffering or who have been affected by mental health issues.


The schedule was awesome!


John Holland was instrumental in pulling this event together and he interviewed me about exiting Covid-19 and the anxiety around getting back to normal.


We covered a lot in the conversation, including:

  • How we define mental health and wellbeing holistically, where I talk about the role of leaders and company culture
  • The idea of getting back to normal vs embracing something new
  • The impact of change and uncertainty on the brain and our behaviour
  • The risk for people with pre-existing mental health conditions moving on from the pandemic
  • The ways in which workplaces and communities can help people who are struggling and those who have the potential to struggle (that’s all of us!)
  • Suicide in men
  • The stigma around mental health and the impact of Covid-19 on traditional views
  • How to help people experiencing anxiety


Here’s the clip!


I also got to play two of my favourite songs; you can listen to one of them as part of the show-recording. If you’d prefer to skip the musical interlude, you can fast forward from 18:54 to 21:20 (but you’ll be missing out!).


If any of what we discussed was of interest to you, please do get in touch so we can continue the conversation.