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Resilience in a new world

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the relaunch of this event, organised by Howard Feather, in September. I was even more delighted to be able to get there… I’d only been given the go-ahead to drive 5 days earlier after breaking my ankle!


A room full of 75 inspiring women in business is not to be underestimated! These are individuals who have already shown resilience in setting up companies or by contributing within their roles as employees. So I focused this talk on how to challenge the very common and, in my view, mis-judged, perception of what resilience is about.


Forget the idea about making people more resilient so that they can cope with more pressure. Instead, I help organisations become places where resilience is something that ties in with self-care. And where the work culture is one that doesn’t expect people to be any more than their authentic, vulnerable selves, with limitations. In other words, human.


So actually, rather than resilience being about individuals, it is about company responsibility and joining the dots to explore this concept as a whole, involving every facet of an organisation and building resilience via a strategy that empowers people to be their best.


It’s time to remove the cloak of ‘resilience’ that masks what really exists underneath, and instead, allow employees to push back and admit when enough is enough.


If you’re not hearing that message, you’re not asking the right questions.


Remove your mask.

Seek reality.

Work with your most valuable asset by really understanding them and what they need.

They’ll thank you.

And you’ll soon be able to thank them.



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Thank you Mark Rayson of StarStream for the footage.

Thanks to Katrina & Gill for explaining Goal Mapping, and Leah for sharing her Fitness at the Farm story.

Also to Keeley of the Hilton Garden Inn for hosting us.