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Mental Health Onboarding

We’re expecting miracles when 79% of companies do not have an on-boarding/ induction process that includes sessions on how to strengthen mental wellbeing.

While many organisations now understand the need to think about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, the responses from the 82 people who voted suggest that there is a gap between intention and reality.

It is not rocket 🚀 science to think that leaders want new hire to be able to look after themselves so that they are able to thrive, and also so that they recognise when they’re not, identifying the signs and knowing what to do about them. Yet this is not innate knowledge. We have a duty of care to empower people to understand their mental wellbeing and to know what to do to help themselves.

Anna Harrington and I are on a quest to help companies achieve just that. We are supporting organisations to explore what good mental wellbeing onboarding can look like and how to develop a process that has such a vital role in the strength of the workforce. Only when onboarding and mental wellbeing are integrated well can we create a meaningful employee experience that promotes health and performance from the outset. And it clearly demonstrates that you are a company that cares.

Hear what Anna and I had to say, when we kick-started this venture, in the video below. Following this, we are hosting a number of discussion groups to help people understand how to develop their onboarding process, to equip new employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to be more self-aware of their mental wellbeing, to put into practice going forward. These will also be an opportunity to share examples of good practice and to ask questions about mental health onboarding.






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