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Corporate Challenges

In December I joined Brodie Crighton of Menlo Park Recruitment in the first of his new series of talks with mental health professionals.
We discussed the methods and challenges of promoting corporate mental wellbeing and engagement in the workplace.
Some of the topics we cover include:
  • what I’m really about and the difference I make
  • how I got into my role
  • how best to influence outcomes
  • whether ‘it’s time for change’ has arrived… are companies at a turning point?
  • employee experience, and how my work supports companies to stave off the great resignation phenomenon
  • the challenge companies face about how to join the dots under one strategy, to avoid a bolt-on approach and make it integral
  • resilience, values and vision and how these concepts underpin what is needed to drive sustainable change/ culture
  • what companies are actually rewarding and recognising
  • digging beneath the surface to check that practice and intentions are aligned – are we making a real difference?
  • changing reputations
  • starting the conversation in your company when people around you aren’t on board
  • accidental managers
Do you agree with what we have to say? Are you experiencing similar challenges? What questions should we be discussing to move the agenda forward?


There was so much to say that we’ve agreed a follow up in 2022 so watch this space!
If there is anything here that particularly resonates with you, that you are curious about or that you would like to explore in our own conversation, do reach out. I’m always happy to have a chat.