…the right place to be if you are looking to make a difference for yourself or others. I am lucky enough to be able to focus on what I am most passionate about: mental health and emotional well-being, and I enjoy sharing my commitment with others. 



I am a psychologist specialising in mental health. For some, that’s about feeling good about coping with day-to-day life or dealing with feelings such as stress, depression or anxiety. I help these individuals and couples achieve a meaningful and calm way to move forward, overcoming obstacles that have got in the way of living happy, fulfilled lives. For others, it’s about knowing how we can better support each others’ mental health so that as groups and organisations we are better able to promote good health and help people experiencing difficulties.


Learning about how our brains work helps us to better understand why we can feel overwhelmed, angry, demotivated and addicted to unhelpful behaviours. Whether we are individuals, families, groups or organisations, we all have a part to play in looking after each others’ well-being so that our relationships and environments are positive places to thrive.


I launched It’s Time for Change following a role where I was lucky enough to have a blank slate and the freedom to be innovative to improve outcomes for schools. By working in a creative way with children, young people, families, schools and children’s centres, and with a focus on psychology and mental health instead of the usual measures of success, my team made a difference. It was fulfilling work! It’s Time for Change aims to continue this legacy.