|  This is who I am: Personal insights from 10 inspiring role models

This is who I am: Personal insights from 10 inspiring role models

This episode is a little bit different.


My guests from series 2 have shared their thoughts to 3 questions that have impacted on who they are today:

  • If they could rewind 10 years, what advice would they give themselves?
  • What have they learned about themselves to keep hold of into the future?
  • And what one thing would they leave in the past?


It is worth listening to what they have to say because their insight is a real opportunity to evaluate the path that you are on.


How aligned is your reality to the experience you want?

What is within your control to change?


Whether it is about mindset, letting go of fear, or collaborating with the right people, there is something that should resonate with you in what these guests share.


There are some real gems of advice that really add to what they had to say in their individual conversations throughout season 2. I’d urge you to think about who resonates and then check out their episode.


Thank you to:


Celia Champion

Maureen Robson-Norman

Dave Harms

Lydia Berry

Will Shorter

John Holland

Sheila Lord

David MacLeod OBE

Dan Sodergren

Eric Collins


If you’re feeling stuck and would like to chat about how to re-shape your experience, how to explore these challenges with your wider team, or about changing the direction you’re moving in, drop me a line – I’m here to help.

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