|  As MD, I’m Just A Customer Of The Business – with Eric Collins

As MD, I’m Just A Customer Of The Business – with Eric Collins

Series 2: The how to getting employee experience right.

Award winning Eric Collins, MD at The Jackloc Company, joins me to share what he has learned and how he has overcome the challenges that he has experienced during his 35 year corporate life before taking on his own business. 

Eric is driven by doing what is right for people and so he is very much onboard with the need for positive employee engagement, great company culture and effective leadership. 

Some of the areas we explore include:

  • The need for ongoing professional development at every stage of your career
  • The importance of an open mindset, self-awareness and empathy for others
  • The role of personal, guiding principles, including a conscious decision about the work-life pull 
  • Barriers to engagement for CEOs, unpicked through work with Engage for Success
  • The reality that culture change does not suit everyone
  • Benefits for your brand when you focus on creating a thriving, engaging company culture
  • The impact of employee engagement and ability to thrive on growth potential and burnout, referring to the Gallup State of the Global Workforce 2022 report
  • Leading a strategic plan for a thriving and engaging company culture, including a vision, a story and your own special gems
  • Actions for leaders to take away, that make a real difference

The message is simple: don’t over-complicate leadership. Remember that what ever the future of work looks like, people are human beings so treat them like human beings. That will never change.

More about Eric

Eric is an experienced and commercially orientated Managing Director with success and knowledge of culture change and colleague engagement. He is an advocate of providing the very best customer service and journey. He lead a multi national packaging company to the engagement & overall company of the year award 2010 from the CIPD/People management. Eric is currently owner and Managing Director of The Jackloc Company Ltd – the leading window safety product business.

Links to contact Eric:

LinkedIn: Eric Collins

Twitter: @JackLoc_




Website: www.jackloc.com

Email: eric.collins@jackloc.com

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