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The Beyond The Water Cooler Podcast.

Turning Conversations into Action: Work Culture & Employee Experience

Are you confident about how to create the best workplace, from the inside out, where people are put first? Does your workforce share a clear sense of purpose, are they secure about change, do they know how to reduce stress, anxiety and the risk of burnout? Are you sure that productivity in your company is not diminished by presenteeism or staff turnover?
This podcast features mini-series’ that delve into these topics and more, that have never been more important. As a psychologist, I get beneath the surface to really figure out the what, the why and the how, around your team being their best. These are authentic conversations about what employee experience is really about, what it takes to succeed and most importantly, how to achieve it.
The ‘Great Resignation’ has proven a real challenge to retention, with more people walking and damaging reputations. And workers being recruited are rightfully demanding that organisations put their needs first. So creating an exceptional employee experience, everyday, is a must for companies wanting success in the future of work, and beyond.
I will be sharing key strategies and proven insights that I have supported companies to develop, and I will be joined by leaders and inspirational others to hear their stories, their highs and lows and what they have learned. Together we will unpack real-world challenges, current trends and the big questions about organisational culture, engagement, uncertainty, resilience and all things people. Real life, real talk about what it takes to be a great company that puts exceptional employee experience at the heart of everyday practice.
My mantra is simple: Get people right to get business right. So if you want to create a workforce that is happy, experiences good mental health, is motivated and connected, and lives and breathes psychological safety and empowerment to enable performance, this podcast is for you. Joining the dots is a priority, so whether you’re in leadership, management, hr, or people development, there will be something to learn. What will be your first step to show that you’re committed to making a difference?
It’s Time for Change helps companies who are ready to change, who take their people’s wellbeing and work-experience seriously, and who recognise the upside to a happy workforce. The big question I’m often asked is “Where do we start?” My response is simple… right at the beginning, from your people up, with my support to help you plan and implement a happy and productive future around positive mental-wellbeing and work-culture. If this resonates with you and your company, we should talk.
Kind Words...

Best podcast I’ve listened to in a while Lisa LLoyd . I hope series two is around the corner soon?

Sharon Moffat
Mental Health Trainer - Mental Health First Aid England

I have just spent some quality time listening to this podcast from Lisa LLoyd. Insightful and very interesting. Well worth a listen. Great work Lisa

Matthew Armsby
Partner, BC technologies

Great podcast. Loved listening to it 👏. Currently binge listening to the rest of them now.

Jonathan Boxall-Southall
Director, Harlequins Theatre Group Ltd

I loved it all. I've listened to it probably 5 times! From the terms psychological safety to accidental leaders it was all so beautifully explained, so spot on and essential listening for everyone. Thank you.

Laura Young
Founder, Still Minds Education


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