|  Situational Leadership with Chris Chamberlain

Situational Leadership with Chris Chamberlain

From being told he wouldn’t get anywhere in life, to becoming Operations Manager at Guernsey MindChris Chamberlain likes to challenge expectations!

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into shaping yourself as an intentional leader, and the style of situational leadership. 

We consider the balance between being authentic and changing our style to suit others. How do we get self-awareness, empathy and being proactive right?

Chris explains how to challenge existing practice to do what is right despite constant push-back. He identifies what it takes to lead in such a deliberate way, and the advantages of doing so. 

There are some great resources too, for understanding situational leadership, the pros and cons, necessary qualities, and case-examples. 

What is your style of leadership?

If you’re not sure about a label to describe it, don’t worry. What is important is that you are intentionally creating and adapting your style to best suit you and your team.

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More about Chris:

Chris Chamberlain‘s passion is human and workplace performance through situational leadership. He is the operations manager for Guernsey Mind, and oversees workplace training, therapy services, and events and campaigns.

Links to contact Chris:


Chris Chamberlain 

Guernsey Mind

Website: www.guernseymind.org.gg

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