|  Wellness Washing: Are you guilty? With Kathy Heath of Healthy Minds Club

Wellness Washing: Are you guilty? With Kathy Heath of Healthy Minds Club

Kathy Heath of the Healthy Minds Club, a personalised health and wellbeing platform that connects users with experts, products and services to achieve better wellbeing and lifestyle goals, joins me today.

As one of the ‘experts’ at the club, I was excited to be talking with Kathy about proactive approaches to wellbeing in this episode of the podcast. 

We cover everything from HSE to ESG, and wellbeing strategies that really make a difference. 

This episode is very timely as Healthy Minds Club is hosting an event The Roadmap to a Healthy Mind & Healthy Workforce on 26 September, in London. I’ll be there talking about careers and workloads, and personality types and imposter syndrome. The agenda demonstrates just how holistic their approach is.

Employers or those serving employers who would want to come as a VIP, with a complimentary ticket, should contact Kathy directly at hello@healthymindsclub.com. Hope to see you there!!

And if you’re listening to this after the event, don’t fret! Reach out to Kathy or myself for more info about best practice.

More about Kathy:

Kathy Heath is a Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur with a 20+ year career in senior positions in Financial Services across retail banking, Issuing (Credit, Gift, Prepaid), acquiring & open banking globally and more recently in the Wellbeing space. Kathy speaks 4 languages and lives in the North West with her 10 year old son and her husband.

As a long time leader of people, Kathy is passionate about people & wellbeing and has founded two wellbeing companies. Most recently, the Healthy Minds Club, the UK’s first personalised health & wellbeing gift card & membership platform. We provide proactive & personalized mental, physical & financial wellbeing solutions to prevent issues from occurring in the first place helping people to thrive in their lives.

Healthy Minds Club won the Best B2B Award at the GCVA Awards, Best Health & Wellbeing Provider Supplier at the Incentive Awards in 2022, along with 2 x Expert wins at the Mental Health & Wellbeing Awards 2022. Kathy was also the proud winner of the WiiN Global Award in 2022.

Links to contact Kathy:


Kathy Heath

Healthy Minds Club

Facebook: Healthy Minds Club

Website: healthymindsclub.com

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