|  From Struggle to Strength: The Power of Resilience – Dave Greenaway, Life in Business

From Struggle to Strength: The Power of Resilience – Dave Greenaway, Life in Business

Having the “capacity to remain flexible in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours when faced by life disruption, or extended periods of pressure” (Pemberton) is essential for resilience.

It’s fair to say that many of us still expect to come out the other side feeling like we’ve survived a storm. 

Yet, when we get resilience right, we should emerge feeling “stronger, wiser and more able.”

How do we do that? 

In this episode of the Beyond the Water Cooler podcast, Dave Greenaway and I discuss how to lean into adversity and to build our resilience as we go.

It is more than bouncing back. Resilience may take you on a different path to the one you were on previously. Or you might continue along the same route wearing different clothes as you learn from your experience.

Are you in control?

Listen to the advice we share and check out my blog about strategies to develop greater resilience.

Can you afford not to?

More about Dave

As a Life in Business & 3 Principles coach, Dave is deeply committed to helping others discover the innate wisdom and well-being within themselves so they can improve their business and life.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops and talks, he guide people on a journey of self-discovery and business growth, and helps them tap into their own inner resources and realise their full potential.

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