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Facing the Real Issues

Exploring some of the legal, moral and business challenges companies are grappling with, and how to navigate these with confidence. Whether it’s managing performance, communication, redundancy or simply yourself, here we provide you with clear advice about how to take positive action for the best outcomes that leaves your company reputation intact.



We highlighted the things that employers should consider focusing on during the next stage of the pandemic, with a focus on:

(a) mental health

(b) demands due to working from home

(c) redundancies


Here is what Margaret Shields had to say: “This was a really insightful webinar hosted by Roy Magara and Lisa LLoyd. If you missed it and have employees, I thoroughly recommend getting a copy of the slides.”



We statistically spend most of our time thinking about, talking about and in many cases worrying about our work. As an Employment Solicitor Advocate at Magara Law, Roy works hard to help you through the legalities and complexities of your ‘every day’ and take the “worry” out of your statistics. People are at the heart of Roy’s practice – whether employer or employee – and Roy’s aim is to ensure that whichever side of the relationship you are, your employment rights and obligations are in check.


We are all controlled by what goes on inside our heads but do we understand how and why that happens, and more importantly, how we can take greater control of our lives? When we are brain-aware and understand the impact of stress and anxiety on our ability to engage, perform and to maintain healthy relationships, we are in a stronger position to make a difference to our outcomes. Lisa, Psychologist and Psychotherapist and Founder of It’s Time for Change, is driven by the purpose that when we get people right, we get business right, regardless of whether they’re an employee or employer. Breaking down barriers to engagement and wellbeing has got to be a priority.