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From Workshop to Application


How much do you invest in training your employees? Probably (hopefully!) a sizeable chunk of your budget, as we all know that staff development has many benefits for all. But do you tick the box to provide a workshop and hope that the learning sticks? Many organisations do just that – there is no follow-up. So, how do you know what lasting impact that learning opportunity really had for that individual and your company, if any? Following up is critical otherwise up to 98% of learning can be lost! That’s a HUGE WASTE of investment. The opportunity to reflect on, process personally, discuss challenges and share successes provides real value.


100% of Venture Harbour’s employees found the recent opportunity to individually explore learning from the Mental Wellbeing at Work workshop I provided in December, beneficial. And next month I’ll be highlighting how to best achieve lasting impact when I’ll be writing about the cost of wasted training budgets that make little, if any difference to organisations, when they’re not part of a wider strategy. I’ll explain how to maximise the return on your learning investment.