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Getting Beyond the Numbers

Susan Ní Chríodáin is such an enthusiast for getting things right for people that it was a real privilege to talk with her today. We have a lot in common!


We focused on finance due to my promotion of financial wellbeing this month, but Susan gets beyond the numbers and works on the people side of things, as that’s where the difference happens.


During this conversation Susan talked a lot about getting back to basics. She highlighted the need for companies to have clarity about their financial situation, and to communicate that across the organisation. They can be challenging conversations that take courage. But Susan also acknowledged the need to address the emotional responses that people experience within organisations. Whether that’s about uncertainty, tension between teams, the need to strengthen relationships, or the importance of authenticity and vulnerability, Susan clearly knows what companies need to be prioritising.



Susan started Beyond the Numbers to work with teams and individuals in organisations who know that putting people first generates the greatest return. Susan believes everyone is entitled to enjoy their work and express themselves fully which in turn results in them and their organisations exceeding expectations. She has a practical, no-nonsense approach to understanding and helping others resolve their workplace issues, like having difficult conversations, setting boundaries and overcoming indecision and inaction, no matter how intractable they might seem.  Her experience and business acumen stem from a wide variety of commercial and non-profit roles. For over 20 years she led and managed multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in Europe, Africa, Asia, in-person and remotely. A Finance Director at 33 she learnt that to have an impact required you to be brave, bold and to build strong working relationships. Technical excellence wasn’t enough; putting people first was key.


Susan also hosts a podcast Life Beyond the Numbers for people who are curious about having a more fulfilling work-life and are united in a belief of putting people first to let their uniqueness shine through in their work-life.


A couple of recommendations that Susan mentions…

Andi Lonnen does finance training for non-finance people: – Finance Traning Academy.

She is Susan’s guest on episode 29 of her Life Beyond the Numbers podcast.


Mark Samowitz does the finance training for non-finance folk using a gaming approach to make it fun and engaging: Accounting made easy.

He is also a guest on episode 21 of Life Beyond the Numbers (Empowering People).