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A Wellbeing & Engagement Survey


The Wellbeing & Engagement Insights process is the critical first step to implementing change in your organisation. If you’re intending to drive up performance in increase productivity, you need your most valuable resource, your people, onboard. The journey starts by asking them about what works, what could be better and potential solutions to issues that your employees experience. It’s significantly more effective than the leadership team sitting around a table and basing decisions on observations and assumptions.


The business case is clear – did you know that as few as 15% of employees are fully engaged? The legal case clearly states that employers have a duty to assess and control risk of stress-related ill health. And the moral case shouldn’t have to be spelled out – the evidence linking excessive pressure, stress and poor coping strategies to increased harmful behaviours and ill physical health is clear.


Based on research and advice from key organisations such as the HSE, the Insights Process is a flexible approach that identifies key factors preventing employees from performing at their best and indicators for improvement.


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