|  The Art of Reinvention with Courtney Hobbs

The Art of Reinvention with Courtney Hobbs

What are you growing? 🪴

Is the PH level in your environment producing what you want?


And what have you grown into?

Are you in the right soil?

Have you become what you WANT to be? What you NEED to be?


I was inspired when I heard Courtney Hobbs share his experience during a session where we both presented for macmillan cancer earlier this year.

Today he joins me to expand on his story that includes a need to fit in and how quickly things can get out of control. His earlier life meant his eyes were opened to how easily we can become what we don’t want to be, if we don’t choose how to live life.


That’s about intention.

And for Courtney, it was about the art of reinvention.


Courtney has THE best laugh, energy and sense of humour.

He is an ❤️‍🔥 AWESOME ❤️‍🔥 story-teller.


His take on resilience is completely grounded and relatable. I love his underlying theme of change.


As Courtney says, most things in life aren’t permanent. We could do ourselves a favour by reducing self-inflicted pressure to get things right, from the start. As he so brilliantly says, don’t build a house where you should pitch a tent 🏕️ – recognise the need to pause and take stock, or try something new, without it having to be the place to stay long term.

“Love your family, work hard, stay humble, and be kind!” That advice is spot on Courtney. You don’t need to be an intellectual to know what’s important. And in fact, the simplicity of these messages is what makes them so powerful.

How do you keep your sense of perspective and ability to adapt as your self awareness grows on your journey?

More about Courtney:

Courtney is an all round creative thinker and is passionate about photography and video content. Starting out as a freelance photographer and having success with working with brands such as OK Magazine, Chang Beer, Mecca Bingo, Team GB, Dulux and many more he, alongside his business partner Jack, have built an innovative content creation business called Collective which enables brands all across the UK and beyond to have access to high quality content usually only reserved for big brands with big budgets. Courtney is passionate about and dedicated to his work and family and has a unique outlook on how to tackle life’s problems and how to chase your dreams, largely due to his experiences growing up.

Links to contact Courtney:


Courtney Hobbs

Collective Digital Uk

Instagram: @court.hobbs

Website: collectivedigital.uk

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