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Burnout: Time to Push Back

Burnout, including ‘chronic workplace stress that is not successfully managed,’ has become synonymous with a modern day world where people are pushed to their limits.


‘Symptoms of stress’ was a ‘breakout’ search term meaning it grew more than 5000% in 2020 compared to the previous year. ‘Signs of burnout’ searches were up 150% and ‘parental burnout’ became a major phenomenon.


The myth that stress would alleviate when lockdown eased has been a fallacy for many of us. The reality can feel like we’re on a treadmill that is speeding up, according to people I’ve spoken to recently. And they want to hit the pause button. With no real sense of relief from the relentless pace of change or pressure on us, we are at an increasing risk of burnout.


This is not a new concept but Covid19 has resulted in pushing workers further than ever before and at a time when remote working has increased the challenge for employers of looking after their teams. We need to be actively equipping staff with knowledge about the signs, asking them about their reality and ensuring they take action to prevent stress becoming their norm. What ever that looks like, it has to be the top priority of any company. Employees are your most valuable resource and as Chris Parke, CEO Talking Talent, observes,


“A staff breakpoint is also a business breakpoint.”


In this series of short films, I am joined by David Greenaway of Forty3 Consulting, Matt Lock of Outliers Wellbeing and David Saab of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. They share their personal and professional take on burnout and their top tips for avoiding it.


For further information or help on how to address this very real challenge to your own or your employees’ wellbeing, engagement and performance, get in touch.

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