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Ahhh now I get it…

“What is it that you actually do?”

“Why would a company get you in?”

Obvious questions that I’m asked a lot, and it makes sense. When you buy a product, it’s often clear what you’ll receive when you hand over the cash. But when it’s a service that is shaped to fit each clients’ specific needs and is broad by the nature of being about people, it can be tricky to pin down! So, here I’ve given a flavour of what I do and why I get involved with companies. It’s not exhaustive but should give you a better insight.

I use research-informed practice and, as a psychologist, I apply my knowledge and skills to work with leaders and managers to develop workplaces where employees can thrive. My mantra: When we get people right, we get business right.  I support companies to create a culture that people enjoy and are proud to be part of, where they are fully engaged and are able to perform to their true potential. I do that by coaching, consulting and training across organisations:

  • Working with leadership to understand how to develop that culture from the top e.g. knowing specifically what that looks like and how to model and achieve that. This includes leading successful change where all employees are onboard to reduce resistance and employee ‘fall-out’ during transitions. Also, providing them with insights into the specific barriers that prevent employees being their best, exploring ways to overcome these challenges, and identifying strengths and successes to build on going forward.
  • Working with managers to give them the skills needed to engage their teams; rethinking their role to build individual relationships, connect with staff using emotional intelligence, to feel confident that they really know how to support people to achieve their best and to create an engaging team identity.
  • Working with employees at all levels to build awareness of emotional wellbeing, mental health needs, brain performance and communication skills.
  • Working with Mental Health First Aiders to develop their impact through awareness and take up of their role and effectiveness of the resource available by providing CPD opportunities to enhance practice.

I’m a bespoke kind-of-girl but to get a flavour of what I’ve been providing for companies, have a look at my workshops.

If you’re still wondering when a company might contact me, these are some of the issues that prompt collaboration with It’s Time for Change:

  • A company going through change and an awareness that not all staff are on board or that the team is lacking a clear identity and sense of cohesion.
  • High staff turnover
  • Underperformance including presenteeism and absence
  • Under-utilised roles e.g. mental health first aiders
  • Motivation to make the company as good as it can be for its employees and needing to find out what that looks like and how to achieve it
  • A drive to develop employees’ awareness, skills and strategies to improve their mental fitness and performance, including remote working
  • Manager competence and confidence in leading high performing, engaged teams, including those working remotely


You can take a look at my ‘servicesbut you know, the best thing is to give me a call and chat about your conundrum/ flash of inspiration or just to suss me out!!