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Workforce Strategy Live

Our first session was a great success!


Participants were invited to think about three key questions in advance, to share with the group:

  1. Where are you currently on your workforce strategy journey? For example, do you have a clear people strategy? Are employee experience, wellbeing & resilience, ED&I all clearly mapped out and integrated or managed in a more ad hoc way?
  2. What are the benefits/ strengths and the challenges you see with your current approach?  Do the different aspects support or inhibit each other?
  3. Specific learnings or thoughts from your industry or organisation.


Hearing what people from companies in different sectors had to say provided a real depth to the learning that took place. It is easy to see how we become institutionalised in our thinking, and the power of hearing others’ challenges, learnings and best practice around leadership, training, mental health and a variety of initiatives, was evident.


It is a tough time to be in a leadership position, and these are some of the challenges that this group identified:

  • How to think about wellbeing and employee experience innovatively and creatively when budgets are tight
  • How to balance the see-saw of giving employees what they want vs giving them too much or it not being enough (particular challenge with millennials)
  • How to join the dots on employee experience, wellbeing and performance
  • Getting employee wellbeing onto the agenda for managers across the organisation
  • How to learn from outside of organisation / industry / sector
  • How to manage employee experience and wellbeing with a workforce of diverse demographics and geographies
  • How to go from good (4/5 on our scale) to great (5/5) and keep learning and developing in this space
  • How to ensure managers have the soft skills and confidence they need to fulfil their role in the strategy



It is clear that no one strategy fits all and each company needs a personalised approach. That’s the beauty of being able to engage in such conversation, and reaching out to people like myself and Mandy, who can help.



Mike summed up his experience:

“Wow! What a great session! I took a page full of notes and left with loads more ideas and fresh inspiration. This all helps to boost me along in my quest for constant improvement in making the individuals that make up my team more motivated, happier, more satisfied, more rewarded and proud of the work they do to take back into their personal lives each day.”

If you’re interested in exploring your workforce strategy to connect employee experience, wellbeing, resilience and performance in a way that promotes effective implementation, join us at a future group. Leaders, directors and senior managers – get in touch to request a place.


Places are limited to allow time for quality conversation. The session will provide you with:

– A summary of the latest evidence / research in this area

– A chance to challenge the inter-play between employee experience, wellbeing, resilience and performance

– A non-judgemental peer group to test your thoughts and ideas

– An opportunity to explore what will make your own workforce strategy more compelling

– The tools and peer-challenge to help you better reflect on your own workforce strategy, including your commitments, hopes and potential barriers to successful implementation


Alternatively, reach out directly for individual support for you and your organisation.