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Lisa & Frances discuss Vulnerability


Here is a call for managers to reflect on these 4 statements:

  1. It’s OK not to have the future mapped out.
  2. I know what impact my leadership style has on my team.
  3. I know what vulnerability looks and feels like and I demonstrate this regularly at work.
  4. I know what my team wants from me.


In our conversation this week, Frances White and I discuss the essential need to show vulnerability as a manager.

It’s less than a 10 minute watch and might prompt you to take action if you answered “No/ don’t know” to any of the above.

And then give me a call to continue the conversation.


Studies consistently show that employees want their managers to admit their mistakes, say they ‘don’t know’, show appreciation of others and avoid the role of being directive. But, more than half of managers fail to do this. It’s a gap that needs to be bridged if companies are going to successfully reset and adapt for the future. Managers are not perfect and nor should they be. They are not supposed to have all the answers – that is why they have a team of great people around them. It is essential for managers to be show their vulnerability and not to shoulder all the pressure and expectations often associated with a position of traditional leadership. You should have a clear indication of what your employees think of you, including your strengths. Great teams show mutual trust and respect and watch each other’s backs, and that includes those at the top. Or are you sitting above your team on the hierarchy? That distance is a barrier to engagement.


Being vulnerable and authentic takes confidence and an awareness of what this actually looks like. Leading by example and demonstrating that it is safe to try new things, share new ideas, make mistakes and learn… that’s supportive behaviour that can increase employees’ intentions of staying with an employer by 67%, according to a study by Dale Carnegie Training. Knowing this is one thing. Achieving it is another. Give me a call to continue the conversation Frances and I start here to explore how your leadership style can take your team and your company into the future. Now is the perfect time for change; work is going to look very different anyway so you may as well make the change count.