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Mental Wellbeing Webinar

It was a privilege to be part the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Mental Wellbeing Webinar yesterday.

The bottom line is getting the elephant out of the room. A great title for the session that got me thinking about what the elephant is. As Stuart Carroll suggested, it’s more like a herd.

1.There is still a need to bridge the gap between saying mental health is an ok reason not to be present at work, and the reality. While 62% of employees agree it’s legitimate, only 34% feel comfortable to do so (Breathe Culture Report 2020).

2.Also, mental health is still a taboo term for many. I suggest we use what ever term people feel ok with, as long as we start having the right conversations.

3.But what I spoke about yesterday was the layer of middle management, themselves coping with everyday pressures and worries and under scrutiny to get their teams engaged and performing…. minus any real training or support. For me it’s about workplace culture. Poor management is the number 1 reason for workplace unhappiness (CBI 2019) so let’s support this layer of the workforce. When we get managers it right, we get their teams right.

If this topic rings bells for you and you’d like to talk about it a bit more, get in touch!


See what I had to say on the subject of prevention in the clip below. To view the whole webinar, click HERE.  And to find out more about the TVCC Mental Wellbeing Charter, click HERE.