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Solution Circles.

These solution-focused groups offer a collaborative space for development. We use a combination of problem-solving, brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a respectful group setting.


The groups enable individuals to have honest, open, reflective conversations that develop personal and business skills. Whether the group is feeling stuck, is exploring new opportunities and growth, or is looking to increase team cohesion, this process enables meaningful change.


Through creating goals, designing plans, sharing successes and overcoming challenges, participants take away what they need to achieve success. The strength comes from the creativity and insight that others bring to the growth and problem-solving conversations. 


2-hour Solution Circle sessions are best suited for groups of 4-8 people within a framework of regular meetings. They’re ideal for use within teams and for bringing together people across the company.

Starting cost:
£995/month (retained service)
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