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Lorna Discusses a Hot Topic



With costs to UK businesses of £15.2bn due to poor financial wellbeing, this is a hot topic that leaders need to be discussing.


I had the pleasure of being joined by Lorna who is very experienced in the world of finance, and has a real passion for supporting people and companies to be in the best place possible. That is financially and emotionally, recognising that the two go hand-in-hand. Lorna and I have often talked about our mutual interest in wellbeing and the link between financial status and mental health so it was great to hear her discuss her thoughts and insights. In this conversation, Lorna talks about how she has seen financial situations change, the impact on people’s wellbeing and how financial services have adapted to meet current needs. Most of all, Lorna shares her commitment to making financial wellbeing something that everybody talks about and is able to feel supported with.


The article Poor Financial Wellbeing: £15.2bn dives deeper into the impact and how to tackle the problem of poor financial wellbeing, including specific resources and experts on hand to help.