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Leading Successful Change


Nothing determines business success or failure more than leadership but getting this right during such changing times is a challenge.


Navigating this pivotal role can feel like being adrift in treacherous waters (or beginning to sink) as we plan ahead. This is particularly true now with the changing way of work, shaped by the coronavirus. Employee engagement will dictate outcomes as your workforce decides for themselves whether they are on board your ship or in a different place that will potentially sabotage your future.


Understanding the predictable and sequential stages of change that we all go through, and knowing how to support your people with the emotional journey, makes all the difference. When you can anticipate the resistance and know how to overcome it, you’ll be sailing along!


Change is more than just getting from A to B. We need to be clear about what how we’re adapting, why and what we’re working towards, but also to be clear about how to increase the motivation and commitment of your staff.


Amanda Page and I are combining our expertise of psychology, coaching and change to support leaders to accelerate change in their organisation. In this online event, we introduced leaders to the fundamentals for getting change right, by starting with the people.

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Always ‘willing’ and ‘ready’ is sometimes tough and ‘able’ perhaps is desired, however that’s where change is more important – to embrace new approaches and strategies to change effectively

Nelson Salvatorelli

A critical part of transitioning through each stage that is often overlooked is helping team members to see themselves in the future world – painting a positive picture for them of where they might land.

Megan Wesley

You won’t get to see the things that lie underneath unless you have established trust with your team … that may mean you have to be vulnerable about your own lack of knowledge without seeming insensitive or out of control in your leadership

Elin Price