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WEBINAR: Psychological Safety


In this webinar, which was held in April 2021, we explore what psychological safety looks like in businesses, the difference it makes, and how to achieve it.

When we experience psychological safety in the workplace, we feel comfortable being ourselves. Employees are able to be open, authentic, creative, connected, challenged and productive. It is about people being able to be their best. Here we provided clear advice about what leaders and managers should be doing to create the culture that enables staff to fulfill their potential. 

The aim of this webinar:

We highlighted the key points that leaders and managers need to focus on to create a culture for employees to thrive and perform, with a focus on:

  • What does psychological safety look like?
  • The importance of psychological safety in improving performance, teamwork, trust and collaboration
  • Practical ways for leaders/managers to achieve a culture of psychological safety

Together, Roy and Lisa bring you a unique perspective that combines psychology and law. They share insights and advice based on evidence based practice and a passion for companies to excel in terms of their people, which in turn drives performance.

Magara Law

We statistically spend most of our time thinking about, talking about and in many cases worrying about our work. As an Employment Solicitor Advocate at Magara Law, Roy works hard to help you through the legalities and complexities of your ‘every day’ and take the “worry” out of your statistics. People are at the heart of Roy’s practice – whether employer or employee – and Roy’s aim is to ensure that whichever side of the relationship you are, your employment rights and obligations are in check.

It’s Time for Change

We are controlled by our brain yet most of us don’t understand how to create a context where we can excel. Whether that’s about our environment, our mindset or our ability to manage our emotional arousal, we need to know how to take greater control so that we are able to engage, perform and be healthy. Lisa is a Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist and Founder of It’s Time for Change, and is driven by the purpose that when we get people right, we get business right. Breaking down barriers to engagement and wellbeing has got to be a priority.