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Engagement Action Plans


Asking people about what’s really going on for them can feel tricky. We often utter the words ‘How are you?’ without really listening to what the other person says (or doesn’t say). Yet we know that if we can address the barriers to people feeling their best at work, we enable them to thrive. So having the conversation with our employees about what is going well, what is getting in the way, how we will know, and what we can do to support them, can make all the difference to their ability to engage. 


For some managers, this comes naturally. For others, they leave it to HR. But if you’re someone who really wants to click with your team, to get the best from them and to create a workplace culture where your people can excel, this downloadable discussion guide might just help. 


Do NOT read if word for word! But do use it to steer your conversation, to highlight some of the types of questions you might want to explore and to gain useful insight into next steps. It’s not about being perfect. It IS about being authentic and showing you care about and value the individual. Begin the conversation and invite a member of your team for coffee.